Operation Golden Spy is a potential comedy espionage movie by user Our Green Tornado, based on the Crayon Shin-Chan movie of the same name. It is about an ordinary 14-year-old girl who is crazy for the Avengers and her unlikely new ally.


A girl named Lemon suddenly appears. She shows Ethel a message which is sent from the Avengers. Ethel totally believes Lemon and they start spy training together. The two of them become action spies and finally get a mission from the Avengers. That mission is "...the doctor of evil stole our precious capsule. Take it back". The tagline is "SHIELD Agent Ethel Hunt is ready for your service".

The movie begins with a young female spy, Lemon, infiltrating the World Human Research Center on a mission to find someone known as the "Blue Key". Once she finds her target however, it is revealed to be Ethel.

Later, back in Whirley Street, Ethel is seen enjoying another episode of her favorite show, Avengers Assemble. She then goes out for a walk when out of nowhere, a mask similar to Iron Man's falls from the sky. She puts it on which then activates a short video of Director Nick Fury telling her to become an agent of SHIELD. The video also states that she will be partnered with Agent Lemon Sunomono(the girl from before) just before it self-destructs. When she recovers, Lemon appears and gives Ethel her spy uniform.


  • Ethel Hunt
  • Lemon Sunomono, a 16-year-old spy girl who suddenly appeared in front of Ethel. Her mission was to recapture the "Stark Power Capsule" from Dr. Katarina "scientist of evil" along with Ethel as an agent of SHIELD. Her true identity is a spy of the Republic of Roarssia who received a directive that was to retrieve "the Mega Boom-Shaka-Laka II", a powerful experimental bomb developed by Dr. Katarina of the Katalunya Kingdom. She is powerful in both physical ability and knowledge, but is always calm and reassuring due to her parents ingraining the idea of absolute obedience on her. After realizing the true plan of Blow and Pelt, she releases the Hunt family and along with Ethel, planned on stopping their plans. In order to do so, they rigged the Mega Boom-Shaka-Laka II then threw it into the middle of Roarssia's capital city, destroying it.
  • Lime Sunomono, the mother of Lemon who is also a spy. At first she was strict to her daughter due to their status as spies but towards the end of the movie, after witnessing her daughter risk her life, she vowed to become a better mother.
  • Plum Sunomono, the father of Lemon who is also a spy. He is usually seen as calm and reassuring but takes his job as a spy seriously. He also cares dearly about his daughter and towards the end of the movie, vows to become a better father.
  • Blow and Pelt, the two queens of the Republic of Roarssia and the main antagonists of the film. Their names are a spoof of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the main antagonist of 007 series.
  • Ethel's family


  1. Yellow Pansy Street-Kanjani∞(end credit song)
  2. Money For Nothing-Dire Streets
  3. Bonkers-Dizzee Rascal
  4. Feel The Love-Rudimental
  5. Free Bird-Lynyrd Skynyrd
  6. Pomp & Circumstance-Edward Elgar
  7. Get Ready For It-Take That
  8. Ashes-Embrace
  9. Raining In My Heart-Buddy Holly
  10. Feeling Good-Michael Buble
  11. Rocket Man-Elton John
  12. Wham Bam-Clooney


  • Ethel Hunt is loosely based on the director herself.
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