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Onmyo War

2309ZNO (traditional)
1105ZNO (modern speculation)


2280ZNO (traditional)
1090ZNO (modern speculation)


Ancient Fuso


Ingo Empire

Yomi Empire



The Onmyo War (陰陽戦争/Onmyo senso), was a legendary major war in Fuso history between the mythological Ingo Empire (陰後帝国/Ingo Teikoku) and the Yomi Empire (陽未帝国/Yomi Teikoku). Traditionally the conflict is believed to have taken place during the Saisho Eiyu Jidai (最初英雄時代/First Heroes Period), but modern historians speculate based on archeological evidence that it took place at least one thousands years afterwards during the Saisho Kokka Jidai (最初国家時代/First Nations Period), long before the first tenno either way.



No one is sure when the war took place, but traditional historiography places the conflict between, while other 2309 & 2280ZNO, but modern historians speculate it was from 1105 & 1090ZNO. The same scriptures also say that Shizen-no-Yoso – the abjaksan who laid the foundation of Soshijutsu – took part in the conflict on the side of the Yomi Empire, but modern historians speculate he took part in a different war.


Notes & Trivia

  • "Onmyo" literally means "Yin & Yang" in Japanese