One of Beauty's Daughters are a doom metal "supergroup" consisting of Michael Tägtgren (Yggdrasill Burning), Joel Davidson (Black Widow), Hamish Glencroy (Winter's Soil), and Karl Leppälä (Yggdrasill Burning) . The band released the album "Doom In Colour: A Tribute To My Dying Bride" on December 23rd 2009, which also brought them into the public. Michael Tägtgren announced on his website that the band would record an album in 2010.


The band formed in September 2009 with Michael Tägtgren initially helming the project. He and fellow Yggdrasill Burning member Karl Leppälä formed a side project in September, without a name. Friends of the band Joel Davidson (Black Widow) and Hamish Glencroy (Winter's Soil) expressed interest in joining the band. During a rehearsal Hamish Glencroy was talking to Tägtgren and Leppälä about My Dying Bride's 2006 album A Line of A Deathless Kings, and when he mentioned the name of the song "One of Beauty's Daughters", Tägtgren reportedly thought it was a good band name.

Tribute album

All fans of the pioneers of doom My Dying Bride, Tägtgren and the others agreed on creating a tribute album of the band. They recorded fifteen of the band's most well-known songs and personal favourites on the album, and it was released on December 23rd 2009, before which the public had not known of the OoBD's existence.

Future work

In January 2nd 2010, not long after the band was unveiled to the public, Michael Tägtgren told sources that OoBD would be recording an album in 2010, aptly titled "Beneath A Tomb of Cold Stone". The band are reported to enter the studio in March, once their other band commitments are aside. The band released a demo of their first official track, "The Undying Shackles", via their respective band websites. Michael Tägtgren has announced more recently that recording for the debut album is going well, and that people can expect more soon from the band. Beneath A Tomb of Cold Stone was released on August 1st and has received initial universal acclaim.



Band members

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