One Tree Hill: I Still Think We're Alone Now is a horror slasher fanfiction based off of One Tree Hill and a sequel to One Tree Hill: I Think We're Alone Now. The fanfiction takes place 3 years after the massacre at Dan Scott's cabin, Brooke Davis, Haley James Scott and Nathan Scott along with their loved ones are faced with another string of grisly murders in Tree Hill on the day of the anniversary of the massacre.


The fanfiction opens up directly after the massacre with Brooke Davis, Haley James Scott and Nathan Scott being taken to the hospital. At the hospital, the survivors are approached by Dan Scott who asks them what happened with Brooke replies by saying Lucas and the others have been murdered at the cabin. Devastated, Dan breaks down at the news of the murders and tells Haley to pray that Nathan survives his injuries before leaving. When he gets into his car to grieve over Lucas's death, an unknown stranger pops up from the back seat and knocks him out with a chloroform rag. After that, the figure places an unconscious Dan in the trunk of the car and drives away.

3 years later, the survivors have moved on from the events that happened at Dan's cabin. Brooke is now working with her mother Victoria Davis and her assistant Millicent Huxtable at Clothes Over Bros and is now engaged to Julian Baker. Nathan and Haley are still raising their son Jamie and balancing their marriage. One night, Victoria and Millicent are closing Clothes Over Bros for the night and they engage in a conversation about Brooke's engagement to Julian. After a while, Millicent leaves the store, leaving Victoria to close up the store. Victoria is about to close the store until she sees the back door open and close. Thinking that someone broke into the store in the back, she brings out a can of mace to defend herself. Victoria screams to the intruder that the store is closed and he or she must leave. When she gets to the back door to lock it, Victoria comes face to face with a figure wearing a china doll mask and wielding a mini reaper scythe similar to the one from the first fanfiction.

The figure attacks Victoria as she flees to the front doors but Victoria sprays the figure in the eyes with mace and shoves him into a nearby bathroom before locking him inside. She attempts to call 911 but all the phone lines inside the store have been cut as the attacker begins hacking the door apart with the mini scythe. The attacker breaks out of the bathroom and slashes Victoria's arm with the scythe as she tries to unlock the back door but is kicked back into the bathroom. Victoria makes it outside the backdoor that leads to the alleyway but runs into another figure wearing a Marilyn Monroe mask who stabs her to death with a butcher knife. As the Marilyn Monroe figure admires her work on killing Victoria, a third figure sporting a gas mask and wielding an axe appears and begins to hack apart Victoria's corpse.

Meanwhile, Millicent returns to the store after leaving her car keys in the bathroom and sees that the door to the bathroom has been reduced to splinters. Confused and nervous, she finds her keys on the sink and tries to leave but finds blood dripping from under a wrapped mannequin. Millicent slowly creeps over to the mannequin and unwraps it to see a horrifying sight of Victoria's severed head and arms having been attached to the mannequin. Millicent screams in sheer terror at the sight of the grotesque mannequin until the china doll figure leaps out of the shadows and attacks her. Millicent tries to flee but slips on Victoria's blood and falls through the store's glass doors. Millicent tries to crawl away but the Marilyn Monroe figure and the Gas Mask Figure appear right in front of her with their own weapons brandished. Millicent frozen in fright as China Doll drags her back into the store and tries to stab her with the mini scythe but she kicks him in the groin and rushes to the back door. As she runs to the back door, China Doll throws his mini scythe into the back of neck, impaling her through the throat. As Millicent lies dying on the floor, China Doll rips the scythe out of her throat as the other assailants approach. They watch Millicent suffer, the 3 masked assailants begin to hack, stab and slash her beyond all recognition, soaking the entire store in blood.

The next day, news of the brutal murders of Victoria and Millicent has a horrific impact on the residents of Tree Hill especially Brooke because she lost her mother and friend. Haley and Nathan are shocked of the news which causes Haley to believe that the murders from the cabin are happening again with her sister Quinn James reassuring her that the deaths are not related to the ones she experienced 3 years before. At the funeral for Victoria and Millicent, Brooke breaks down in fits of tears saying that she should have been a better daughter to her and that her business is at stake but Julian tells her that Clothes Over Bros is already shut down due to the deaths.

Meanwhile, Nathan picks up Jamie from school when he sees Gas Mask staring at him with pure hate. As Jamie gets in the car, Starkiller cuts the brake line to the car before Nathan drives away. As Nathan drives home with Jamie, He gets in a major car accident that renders him hospitalized and Jamie remains unharmed but gets a sprained ankle. Haley learns of the accident and visits Nathan who tells her that someone cut his brake line and Jamie has fractured his ankle.

Meanwhile, Julian is having an affair with Brooke's ex-co worker of Clothes Over Bro's, Alex Dupre until they are caught by a furious but inconsolable Brooke who slaps Alex across the face and begins an argument with Julian as soon Alex leaves. In the heat of the argument, Julian brings up Victoria and insults her demise which causes an outraged Brooke to break off their engagement and slap him across the face before storming off.

That night, Brooke is still reeling from her fight with Julian until she is surprised by Chase Adams, who came back to Tree Hill to rekindle his relationship with Brooke. Brooke explains the murders at Dan's cabin and Julian's infidelity to him which leads them to have sex in her bedroom. During that time, more deaths begin to plague Tree Hill throughout the night with Gas Mask sneaking into Nathan's hospital room and hacks him to death with an axe. Alex is attacked by Starkiller who chases her to Julian's film set where she gets tangled in ropes and pulleys. Starkiller uses this as an advantage and hangs her upside down before stabbing her numerous times and slashing her throat with the butcher knife. Julian who is still livid from his fight with Brooke gets drunk at TRIC and instigates a fight with the bartender. They take the fight outside where China Doll disrupts the brawl and slashes Julian's throat with the mini scythe before slashing the bartender to death.

The next morning, Haley finds a package on her front porch and brings it inside. As she begins to open it, Nathan's sports agent Clay Evans stops by to inform her of the deaths of Nathan, Julian and Alex. Haley breaks down in fits of tears to hear that Nathan is dead. She is then comforted by Quinn who opens the package to find the severed head of Dan Scott inside causing everyone including Haley to scream in pure horror. Later on, Brooke and Chase stop by Haley's house to pay respects for Nathan's death but Haley doesn't want to hear it because she is so grief stricken. With revenge on her mind, Haley wants to investigate the deaths and why would more than one person get killed in one night.

As night falls, Haley instructs Clay and Quinn to look after Jamie while she, Chase and Brooke are gone. After they leave, Quinn finds a letter from Dan inside the box where his severed head is kept and reads it. Upon reading the letter, Quinn discovers the shocking truth that reveals his capture and death by a now deranged Nanny Carrie. As Clay is putting Jamie to bed, Quinn warns him about the letter and fears that there is more than one killer that killed three of their friends. Clay brushes off Quinn's theory and tells her to lock all the doors and windows.

Shortly after, Clay and Quinn have sex in Haley's room once Jamie falls asleep. In town, a witness tells Brooke that he just found two dead bodies in an alleyway behind TRIC. When Haley asks the witness about the bodies, the witness tells her that the bodies were Julian and the bartender which devastates Brooke. They follow the witness into the alleyway to discover the bodies of Julian and the bartender have been disemboweled in a grisly fashion with Brooke breaking down next to Julian's body. As the group begins to leave, China Doll appears and attacks them. Chase fights China Doll and tells Haley and the others to get help. During the struggle, China Doll stabs Chase in the groin and gruesomely disembowels him as Brooke watches helplessly.

Back at the house, Quinn and Clay finish making love and Clay leaves to take a shower. Wearing nothing but a bathrobe, Quinn continues to read Dan's letter and realizes his captor has united with a revenge squad and has swore to kill anyone who foiled their past crimes. Jamie suddenly appears at the door of Haley's bedroom and says that he can't sleep. Quinn then comforts her nephew as Jamie tells her of a nightmare he had concerning his father's death. Meanwhile, Clay is in the shower and is unaware of Starkiller entering the bathroom. Clay finishes showering and heads to the mirror to dry off with a towel. When he wipes the steam off the mirror, Clay sees Starkiller standing right behind him and she slashes his throat with her butcher knife before bashing his head against the mirror and viciously stabbing him over and over again.

Back in the bedroom, Quinn gets a call from Haley who tells her to get Jamie and Clay out of the house immediately and when Quinn asks her why, Gas Mask begins to chop down the door with the axe and attacks her and Jamie. Jamie and Quinn manage to escape but they are ambushed by Starkiller who stabs Quinn in the shoulder. Jamie kicks Starkiller down the stairs and helps Quinn to his bedroom but they discover Clay's dead body strung up in the bathroom along the way. Once they lock themselves in Jamie's room, Gas Mask finds them again and chops down the door while they escape out the window. Once Jamie and Quinn make it outside, they run into Brooke and Haley who have just returned to the house. As Jamie explains everything that happened inside the house, Gas Mask suddenly appears and kidnaps him as Brooke, Haley and Quinn give chase in hot pursuit.

The three women finally catch up with Jamie's captors at Dan's cabin where the original massacre took place 3 years before. The killers unmask themselves as Xavier Daniels, Nanny Carrie and Katie Ryan. Quinn questions the trio their motives with Carrie replying revenge as their motive. She explains that she killed Nathan at the hospital for not being into her and had tortured and killed Dan 3 years ago for foiling her kidnapping of Jamie. Xaiver explained his motive behind the murders to Brooke saying killed Julian and Chase because of the history they shared with her and with Katie and Carrie's help, he put Clothes Over Bro's out of business by killing Millicent and Victoria. Katie tells Quinn her motive was finishing what she started with her and Clay but she succeeded by killing the latter.

As the killers spoke, Jamie tries to sneak away but Xavier notices him and tries to stop him. While doing so, Haley tackles him to the ground which instigates an all out brawl as Jamie escapes. As Jamie makes it out of the cabin, an axe wielding Nanny Carrie chases him into the woods with Haley in pursuit. Brooke and Quinn are in a blood soaked fight with Xavier and Katie with Xavier impales Brooke through the stomach with the mini scythe and Quinn disarms Katie, dropping her knife. A dying Brooke grabs the knife and severs Xavier's achilles tendons, causing him to fall to the floor. Katie kicks Brooke in the face and grabs her knife but Brooke thinks quickly and stabs Katie through the throat with the knife, killing her. Xavier recovers and begins to strangle Brooke to death but Quinn grabs his mini scythe and slashes him to death. Quinn attempts to tend Brooke but is heartbroken to see that Brooke has already died from blood loss from her wound. She then sets off to find her sister and nephew alone.

Meanwhile, Jamie trips on a fallen branch with Nanny Carrie catching up to him. As Carrie was about to hack Jamie to death, Haley arrives just in the nick of time to tackle her. As the two women fight, Haley tells her son to get the axe but as he gets a hold of it, Quinn arrives and stabs Carrie to death with Katie's knife, seemingly killing her. Haley embraces Quinn for saving her and is inconsolable upon learning of Brooke's death. As the survivors share a tearful group hug, Carrie suddenly springs up to finish off Haley but Jamie overpowers and dismembers her, killing her for good and avenging Nathan's death.

Jamie, Haley and Quinn emerge from the forest, traumatized by the night's events and they head to Quinn's car to mourn the loss of Brooke. The survivors drive away from the cabin as morning approaches. While driving, Haley then replies that killing our enemies was like deja vu because of the last time she was at the cabin. The fanfiction ends with a shot of Haley focusing on the road with tears rolling down her face.


Sophia Bush as Brooke Davis

Bethany Joy Lenz as Haley James Scott

James Lafferty as Nathan Scott

Shantel VanSanten as Quinn James

Robert Buckley as Clay Evans

Jackson Brundage as Jamie Scott

Jana Kramer as Alex Dupre

Daphne Zuniga as Victoria Davis

Lisa Goldstein as Millicent Huxtable

Austin Nichols as Julian Baker

Stephen Colletti as Chase Adams

Amanda Schull as Katie Ryan

Devin McGee as Xavier Daniels

Torrey DeVitto as Nanny Carrie

Paul Johansson as Dan Scott


Dan Scott- Tortured and killed (note this happened 3 years before the story)

Victoria Davis- Arm slashed with mini scythe, stabbed to death with butcher knife, dismembered with axe

Millicent Huxtable- Impaled through throat with mini scythe, mutilated to death

Nathan Scott- Hacked to death with axe

Alex Dupre- Hung upside down with rope, stabbed multiple times with butcher knife, throat slashed

Julian Baker- Throat slashed with mini scythe, gutted

TRIC Bartender- Slashed to death with mini scythe, gutted

Chase Adams- Gutted with mini scythe

Clay Evans- Throat slashed with butcher knife, face bashed into mirror, stabbed to death, strung up with shower curtain.

Katie Ryan- Stabbed through throat with butcher knife

Xavier Daniels- Slashed to death with mini scythe

Brooke Davis- Impaled through stomach with mini scythe, died of blood loss

Nanny Carrie- Stabbed repeatedly with butcher knife, dismembered with axe


Haley James Scott

Quinn James

Jamie Scott

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