One Day and One Night is 2016 supernatural horror film directed by Nimród Antal, the director of Vacancy and Predators, this films stars


A psychiatrist took her patient to Georgia and meet her uncle and anut in one snowy day, at night, they were haunted by ghost and alien and her uncle and aunt is missing, she is worried about protecting him, trying to make it out alive in the morning.



  • Elizabeth Olsen as Dr. Amelia Harper/A psychiatrist
  • TBA as Damien Walker/Amelia's patient who she take to Gerogia
  • TBA as Martin Harper/Amelia's uncle who goes missing one night
  • Julianne Moore as Julia Harper/Amelia's aunt and Martin's wife who goes missing one night
  • India Eisley as Grace Harper/Martin and Julia's 13 years old daughter who died of bus crash 6 years ago



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