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Omnitrans Television Studios is an American production company owned by Omnitrans, it was founded in 2021.

List of Shows



  • Technology Master
  • The 2516
  • Martha
  • You Are Spoiled!
  • Path of the Zombies
  • Black and White Duo
  • Purple Wolf
  • Cogged
  • Attack of the Giants
  • The Smacker
  • Alert Bay
  • Jungle Survivors
  • Legend of the Dark Ages
  • An Important Family
  • The Unknown Street Kids
  • Outsider Success
  • This is Chorus
  • Soccer for Hundred
  • Tracked
  • The Prestige
  • Hospital: The Dark Side
  • Amazons of War
  • School of Forgetfulness
  • Plus and Lesser


Omnitrans Television Studios is inspired by Walt Disney Television, Warner Bros. Television, Paramount Television, Universal Television, Sony Pictures Television, MGM Television, CBS Television, and 20th Century Fox Television.

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