Omnitrans Parks & Resorts is an American theme park and vacation resorts company owned by Omnitrans, it was founded in 2027.


  • Omnitrans World Park Florida
  • Omnitrans World Park Santiago
  • Omnitrans World Park Buenos Aires
  • Omnitrans World Park Tokyo
  • Omnitrans World Park Rome
  • Omnitrans World Park Australia
  • Omnitrans World Park Paris

Vacation Resorts

  • Aloha Bikini
  • Omnitrans Rapa Nui Resort
  • Samba Praia Resort
  • Cactus Fiesta Resort

Other Units

  • Omnitrans Family Fun Center and Arcade
  • Omnitrans Movies Palace
  • OmniCasinos
  • Omnitrans Cruise Line
  • Omnitrans Travel & Tourism
  • Omnitrans Hi-Speed
  • OmniEvents
  • OmniWaterParks
  • Zebra Wildlife Parks
  • Blizzard Hills Ski Resorts
  • Omnitrans Sports Arena
  • OmniNursery
  • OmniLaundry
  • Omnitrans Woodland Lodges


  • Omnitrans Parks & Resorts is inspired by Disney Parks & Resorts, Universal Parks and Resorts, Merlin Entertainments, Cedar Fair, Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company, Palace Entertainment and Village Roadshow Theme Parks.
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