Omnitrans Mobile Apps is an American mobile app developer company owned by Omnitrans. It was founded in 2021.

Mobile apps


  • MyCommunity - a social network app where users can chat and view new topics.
  • MyTalk - The messenger app where users can users can talk with other users.
  • CamPhotos - a photo sharing app where users can like and share stock, vector and owned photos.
  • CinemaStatics - a review app where users can reviewing cruise ships from diverse companies.
  • Freesong - a music player app where users can playing, add and share their favorite song
  • GMAT Play - a online TV streaming app where users can see their favorite GMAT channels.
  • Ingredients - A topic app that users can see various recipies and their ingredients.
  • Vacation Destination -
  • Bookplace -
  • Friends & Trends -
  • Omnitrans' Online Store -
  • Worldwide News and Impacts -

Games Edit

  • Omnitrans Emoji Blitz - A game where users match emojis based on GMAT characters and earn bonus items.
  • Slingshot Fever - A game where users use a slingshot to hit enemies and targets.
  • The Legend of the Brick Knights - A game where users controls a Lego-alike character to defeat monsters and save the kingdom.
  • Silly Spiders - A game where users controls a spider to make spiderwebs to enemies.
  • Running Across the World - A game where users controls a character to running across the world.
  • Bug Attack! - A game where users must save an unnamed planet from robotic bugs.
  • Pippi Longstocking: City Maker - A building game based on the Pippi Longstocking (2021 TV series) series.
  • Bikers of the Future - A game where users challenge other users to a futuristic racing.
  • Candy Kingdom - A game where users must save the candy kingdom from various monsters.
  • Battle of the 180 Armies - A game where users builds a kingdom and save it from threats.
  • Worm Madness - A game where users must squash worms from eating food.
  • Omnitrans School App - A game where users can learn everything about Omnitrans and its divisions.
  • Creatures vs. Lumberjacks - A game where users control forest animals to attack lumberjacks from destroying their home.
  • Movie Memory - A game where users answers trivia quizes from various Omnitrans Movies.
  • Survival in the Storm Beach - A game where users must survive and escape from an apocalyptic beach.
  • Super Sammy Dash! -
  • Omnitrans Crossy Road -A Crossy Road variant where users choose a blocky version of Omnitrans characters in a dangerous highway with vehicles and collect coins.


Omnitrans Mobile Apps is inspired by Disney Mobile Apps.

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