Omnitrans Interactive is an American video game developer company owned by Omnitrans, it was founded in 2028.

On a black background, a flash starts and the white line is formed with "OmniTrans INTERACTIVE" above it ("OmniTrans" is in the corporate signature logo font like the last logo). Suddenly, a spark of light sketches the Omnitrans Globe like the last logo. Once the dot above the Globe is formed, several sparks of light shoot out of the top left corner of the line. The box with the Omnitrans Globe glows for a second.

Video Games


  • Super Sammy series
  • Brawler Kid series
  • The Thieves' Secrets series
  • Path of the Monsters series
  • Medieval Warriors series
  • Blastoff series
  • Clockwork Hero series
  • Puncher the Kat series
  • Dingoboy series
  • Robotic League series
  • Masters of Holiday series
  • Balloonimals series
  • Dino Champions series
  • Alien Hunters series
  • Spacebots series
  • The Dinosaur Warrior series
  • Fish Hero series
  • Fuzzy: Carnival Hero series
  • Asgardian Monsters series
  • HamsterAttack! series
  • Knights of the Castle series
  • Outer Space Mutants series
  • The Fox Rookie series
  • Bouncerz series
  • Torpedo: Lost in Time series
  • Mousy series
  • Fairy Tale Guardians series
  • Huntress series
  • Sporter, Athletic Possum series
  • Star Soldiers series


  • Soccer Challenge series
  • Extreme Sports series
  • Playground Battleground: Dodgebrawl


  • Fuel Masters series
  • NASCAR series
  • Remote Control Racers series
  • Speedboat Launch series


  • Escape series
  • World War Revolution series
  • Rise of the Aliens series



Trivia Edit

  • Omnitrans Interactive is inspired by Nintendo, Sega, Namco, and Capcom.
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