Omen V: The Curse is a 2014 American horror film and the sixth installment in The Omen series. The films stars


Michael Thron, Damien's half brother learns the curse of his power could make him stonger. He make a young single mother's life danger when he is after her and her daughter because he wanted her daughter for stay with him.



  • TBA as Michael Thorn/Damien Thorn's half brother
  • Amanda Seyfried as Scarlett Benson/A young single mother who fall in love with Michael
  • Willow Shields as Alice Benson/Scarlett's 10 years old daughter


The Opening Scene

Michael meet Scarlett's daughter, Alice

  • (Scarlett drive the car)
  • Michael: You got a daughter.
  • Scarlett: She will be ten tomorrow.
  • Michael: Her name.
  • Scarlett: Alice, I name her after my dead best friend.
  • Michael: How she died.
  • Scarlett: She was shot.
  • Michael: That odd, why no kids on the bus.
  • (Scarlett park the car)
  • (Michael and Scarlett run to the school)
  • Kirby: Come on, Molly.
  • Molly: You said I has come at noon for the stupid fucking party.
  • Alice: My party.
  • Molly: Your.
  • Alice: My 10th birthday party and watch your mouth.
  • Michael: What the hell is going on here.
  • Kirby: Molly is fight with Alice.
  • Alice: You are still mad after I make your mum in the hospital.
  • Molly: Yes.
  • Alice: I told you, I did not mean it, you make a joke if when a killer come to get me.
  • Alice: For your stupid damn joke and you will don,t like this, you will go to...
  • Michael: Hey, Alice, your mother wanted you.

Alice watch Molly can,t swim in the pool and die because Michael used his power for kill Molly and for Alice, not help Molly

  • Alice: Molly, oh no.
  • Alice: Michael, you seen Molly.
  • Michael: She went to the pool.
  • Alice: Oh no, Molly.
  • (Alice run)
  • (Michael walk)
  • Alice: Molly.
  • (Alice open the door)
  • Alice: Molly.
  • Alice: Molly, get out of here.
  • Molly: No, make me, asshole.
  • Alice: You are 18 years old teeanger and my 10 years old best friend's sister who is go to swim because her parents told her to not.
  • (Michael hide and lock the door)
  • Molly: I hate you because you are fucking asshole.
  • Alice: Oi.
  • (Molly push Alice and Molly run)
  • Alice: Molly, don,t.
  • (Molly jump to the pool)
  • Alice: No.
  • Molly: In your fucking face, Benson.
  • (Michael's eye look at the pool, Molly and Alice)
  • Molly: Alice, what happening.
  • Alice: What.
  • Molly: Is go deep, very deep.
  • Molly: I can,t swim.
  • Alice: I can,t see.
  • Molly: Well done, for your fucking joke.
  • Alice: This is not a joke, my eye, I can,t see.
  • (Molly scream)
  • Molly: Help (cough)
  • Molly: Alice, help me.
  • (Michael used his power to turn the water up)
  • Molly: Alice.
  • Alice: I can,t see, something make my eye can,t see

Michael wake up in the hospital after the explosion in the boys's toilet

  • (Michael groan)
  • Stella: My name is Dr. Stella Lloyd, Mr Thorn.
  • Michael: Hello.
  • Stella: Mr Thorn, you was in the toliet after the explosion for 8 hours.
  • Michael: What the time is.
  • Stella: 11: 36 pm.
  • Michael: I was at the coma for 8 hours.
  • Stella: Yes.
  • Michael: My head is still hurt.

Scarlett get stab by old man, Thompson and Michael killed him=

  • (Thunder)
  • (Michael swim)
  • Thompson: Hey, Benson.
  • Scarlett: What.

Michael get Scarlett out of the river after they fall

  • (Rain and thunder)
  • Scarlett: Where an you, Michael.
  • (Thud)
  • Scarlett: Oh, shit.
  • Scarlett: Hello.
  • (Scarlett saw something in tree)
  • Michael: Scarlett, where an you.
  • (Michael saw Scarlett)
  • (Michael run)
  • (Scarlett groan)
  • Scarlett: Alice's necklace.
  • (Scarlett got Alice's necklace)
  • (Scarlett saw the crack in the tree)
  • Scarlett: Shit.
  • Scarlett: Help me, somebody.
  • Michael: Scarlett.
  • (Scarlett groan)
  • Michael: Hold on the tree.
  • Michael: Hold my hand.
  • Scarlett: I can,t.
  • (Scarlett hold Michael's hand)
  • (The tree break)
  • (Scarlett scream)
  • Michael: Wowa.
  • (Michael and Scarlett fall to the river)
  • (Scarlett cough)
  • (Rain and lighting)
  • Scarlett: (cough) Michael, help.
  • Scarlett: Where an you.
  • (Michael cough and hold the tree)
  • Scarlett: Michael, I can,t swin.
  • Michael: Scarlett, Scarlett, Scarlett.
  • Michael: I can,t see you.
  • (Scarlett scream)
  • (Scarlett got hit by the tree)
  • (Scarlett groan)
  • Michael: Scarlett.
  • Scarlett: Help me.
  • Michael: I don,t know I can do this.
  • Scarlett: (groan), Try.
  • (Michael swin)
  • (Michael cough)
  • Michael: Scarlett.
  • (Michael hold Scarlett and Alice's necklace)


116 mins

Strong language, violence scenes, strong sex scenes and flashing images

18 certificate

It will be distributed by 20th Century Fox

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