Genres Melodic Black Metal


Doom Metal

Gothic Metal

Release Date 09 June 2000
Label Independent Black Records
Producer Demona & Jessica

Omen is the fourth full lenght studio album by North American metal band Satan's Gods, released on 09 June 2000, this album combines a more "clean" style in the ban'd musical sound, including Black, Doom and even a Gothic Metal style. As its predessesor, the album only contains 2 long songs.

Track Listing

  1. Damning all Bliefs (02:04:00)
  2. Blood, Sex, Gore and Heavy Metal! (02:00:00)


  • The first track Damning all Beliefs consist of:
    • Omen Part 1
    • Omen Part 2
    • Freezing Moon (Mayhem Cover)
    • Krypt of The Wizard (Mortiis Cover)
    • Final Transmission
  • The second track Blood, Sex Gore and Heavy Metal! consist of:
    • A Dying Love
    • Black is Sexy
    • Can I die for Love?
    • Black N° 1 (Little Miss-Scare them All) (Type O Negative Cover)
    • Outro


  • Demona - Vocals, Syntethizers, Piano on Black is Sexy, Lyrics & Music
  • Johanna - Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Piano on Omen Parts 1 & 2, Lyrics, Music & Bass
  • Jessica - Backing Vocals on Freezing Moon, Final Transmission, Black is Sexy & Black N°1, Guitar & Music
  • Agony - Drumms, Percussion, Melotron, Lyrics, Music & Piano on Black N°1
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