Oliver and the Funfair is a 2025 Film. This was Distributed by Paramount Animation.



  • Voices: Gabriel Damon as Oliver, Kath Soucie as Goldfish, Natalie Gregory as Jenny Foxworth, Alisan Porter as Young Cindy Campbell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Young Bobby Loomis, Orlando Bloom as Young Shorty Meeks, Edward Furlong as Young Ray Wilkins, Kelly Reilly as Young Buffy Gilmore, Jim Belushi as Cindy Campbell's father, Kelly Lynch as Bobby Loomis's mother, John Getz as Shorty Meeks' father, Fred Dalton Thompson as Ray Wilkins' father, Wendie Malick as Buffy Gilmore's mother, Arthur Lowe as Baron Bomburst, and Kenny Baker as Child Catcher
  • Release Date: 2025
  • Distributed by Paramount Animation
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