Oliver Gets Lost is a 2027 British/American animated film produced by Paramount Animation, Amblin Entertainment and New Flyer Pictures.



Additional voices


  1. Clap Your Hands - The BFG, The King, The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, Princess of Wales, The Chef, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, The Milkman, Diana, Princess of Wales, Grandfathers, Charles, Prince of Wales, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, Queen Victoria, Grandmothers, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George of Cambridge, Anne, Princess Royal, The Queen of England, Ladies and Gentlemen
  2. Promises Song - Dr. Claw
  3. Perfect Day - Miriam Stockley
  4. The Spirit of England - Petra, Timmy, Beanie, and The Seagull Sisters
  5. Clap Your Hands (Reprise) - Oliver, Marie, Bobby, Bow, Luke, Toby, Jeremy, Toulouse, Berlioz, Hannah, Bertha, Tanis, 19-GB, Ness, Lucas, Ivan Bear, Sophia Bear, Casper, Petra, Sally, Timmy, Beanie, Robespierre, Orbitty, Yakky Doodle, Siamese, Carew, Hank, Archie, Yankee Doodle Pigeon, Peeps, Sparrow, Bambi, Thumper, Gizmo, Elephants, Tigers, Ostrichs, Flamingos, Ducks, Swans, Calves, Deers, Giraffes, Lambs, Hippos, Koalas, Horses, Donkeys, Pigs, Rhinos and The Seagull Sisters


  • Clap Your Hands (Reprise)
  • Big Battle
  • The BFG VS Dr. Claw
  • The Five Headed Monsters Again!
  • Treasure filled with Gold lots of them in Dr. Claw's Cave Penthouse
  • Oliver and his Friends to the Rescue
  • Final Battle, Dr. Claw


Oliver Gets Lost/Transcript


  • M.A.D. Cat does not appear in Oliver the Kitten Films and Oliver & Company, because of appearing in one of the Mewsette the French Cat Films
  • This Film Has Been Released On UK VHS And Distributed by Thames Video And Disney Videos.

Release Date


Running Time

196 Minutes

Music By

James Horner
J.A.C. Redford (archive music from Oliver & Company soundtrack)
John Williams (archive music from Back to the Future soundtrack)
Keith Hopwood and Malcolm Rowe (archive music from The BFG soundtrack)
Ben Heneghan and Ian Lawson (archive music from Fireman Sam: Snow Business soundtrack)


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