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Oliver & Jenny is a 2024 American animated comedy film sequel to 1988 film, Oliver & Company. The film franchise was originally in development at Walt Disney Pictures as a Walt Disney Animation Studios film but was changed to a Paramount Pictures due to 21st Century Fox has been Acquired by Disney, release before completion. Additionally, while Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures nor Walt Disney Animation Studios are never explicitly credited, the Paramount Pictures production logo appears at the beginning of the film.

Oliver is a small and slender orphaned orange tabby kitten with more long hair between his ears, three dark orange stripes on his back, and a white muzzle. About half-way through the film, he acquires a blue collar with his name and the address he lives at on a gold tag, thanks to his new wealthy owner, little girl and boy named John and Dawn (from The Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation) and a kind and pretty little girl named Jenny Foxworth. He is very brave, friendly, curious, playful, dreamy, beautiful, gentle, heroic, sweet, cheerful, happy, caring, handsome, kind, loyal, cute, and cuddly.


On San Diego, several kittens are left in a box outside a shop. All but one, an orange tabby, are adopted. Wandering the streets by himself in search of someone to adopt him, the kitten meets Bertha, one of Oliver's new friend, who agrees to help him steal food from a hot dog vendor. Bertha then reneges on the deal and flees with the girlfriend.

The kitten pursues Bertha all over San Diego. Bertha eventually arrives at a barge, where the kitten meets Toby, Jeremy, Bobby, Luke, Bow. The kitten accidentally robs the limo fails, and the kitten is taken by the child Jenny Foxworth, who is missing her vacationing parents and desires a companion. She names him Oliver and becomes very attached to him.

Oliver makes himself at home in Jenny's house, much to the disgust of Georgette, the Foxworth family's spoiled, the car drives away with the kittens on board. They speed recklessly through the streets and eventually crash in the woods, where they realize that they are lost. At first Angelica shows no concern until she realizes the babies have her Cynthia doll, which prompts her to take the family dog, Georgette, to find them and retrieve Cynthia.

The kittens set off for a ranger's cabin in the woods where they believe a magic "lizard" (a mispronunciation of wizard) lives and can grant their wish to go home. On the way they encounter the circus dogs, who take Oliver with them. When his friends refuse to go after Oliver, believing they are better off without him, Bertha sets off to rescue his brother alone. Meanwhile, the parents soon find out that the kittens are missing and set out to find them in the face of the media sensation that has suddenly generated around their children's disappearance.

Bertha eventually finds Dil during a storm, but as he tries to take care of him, Oliver again acts selfishly. Bertha finally snaps and prepares to give Oliver back to the dogs, but Bertha's rage scares Oliver into ending his behavior. At the same time, Oliver's remorseful tears cause Bertha to come to his senses and the brothers reconcile. After the storm, they are found by Toby, Jeremy, Bobby, Luke, Bow, and they all continue their way to finally reach "the lizard".

On the bridge to the ranger's station, the kittens are confronted by the dogs, who are then scared off by a huge wolf who has been tailing the babies since they arrived in the woods. Georgette saves the kittens by fighting the wolf and then dragging it off the bridge, saddening them when it appears Georgette is gone.

Winston, who has been looking for the kittens in a pterodactyl-like glider, sees them from above and crash lands into the ranger's cabin. Believing he is the "lizard," the kittens ask him to bring Georgette back instead of going home. Winston falls through the bridge and reveals Georgette, who survived the fall by landing on a plank of the bridge. The kittens are reunited with their parents and accept Oliver as one of the groups.


  • Oliver (main character of the series)
  • Hannah (girlfriend)
  • Bertha (2nd best girlfriend)
  • Bobby (best friend)
  • Bow (2nd best friend)
  • Luke (3rd best friend)
  • Jeremy (4th best friend)
  • Toby (5th best friend)
  • 19-GB (6th best friend)
  • Father Cat (father)
  • Mother Cat (mother)
  • John and Dawn (Oliver and the kittens' owners)
  • Owen Griffiths (best human friend)
  • Tom Griffiths (2nd best human friend)
  • Alice and Emily (best human sisters)
  • Baby Blue Bird (7th best friend)
  • Mother Bird (8th best friend)
  • Rosie the Fairy (best fairy)
  • The Fairies (best fairies)
  • Dr. Herbert Landon (3rd best human friend)
  • Dr. Curt Connors (4th best human friend)
  • Mr. Chin (5th best human friend)
  • Biff, Clamhead, Shelley and Bubbles (best human friends)
  • Marie (3rd best girlfriend)
  • Toulouse (9th best friend)
  • Berlioz (10th best friend)
  • Leo (The Aristocats) (11th best friend)
  • Shy Little Kitten (12th best friend)
  • Katie the Kitten (13th best friend)
  • Tiny Tawny Kitten (14th best friend)
  • Farmer (best human farmer)
  • The Policeman (best human police)
  • Bulk (15th best friend)
  • Skeleton (16th best friend)
  • Yakky Doodle (17th best friend)
  • Iddy Biddy Buddy (18th best friend)
  • Duck (19th best friend)
  • Grape Ape (20th best friend)
  • Tigger (21st best friend)
  • Eeyore (22nd best friend)
  • Alexander Cabot III (6th best human friend)
  • BRIAN the Robot (23rd best friend)
  • Bull (24th best friend)
  • Godfrey the Horse (25th best friend)
  • Dudley the Pig (26th best friend)
  • Martha the Cow (27th best friend)
  • Brenda the Duck (28th best friend)
  • Super Jack (7th best human friend)
  • Bananaman (8th best human friend)
  • Snowdrop the White Cat (29th best friend)
  • Meredith (9th best human friend)
  • Baby Duckling (30th best friend)
  • Mother Duck (31st best friend)
  • Black Cat (32nd best friend)
  • Spunky (33rd best friend)
  • Turnip (34th best friend)
  • Olivia the White Kitten (35th best friend)
  • King (36th best friend)
  • Armor King (37th best friend)
  • The Animals (best animals)
  • Kuma (38th best friend)
  • Panda (Tekken) (39th best friend)
  • National Zoological Park Police Officer (2nd best human police)
  • Flim Flam (best clever child)
  • The Kids (2nd best human friends)
  • Spottyman (40th best friend)
  • Blancheline (41st best friend)
  • The Brown Wild Rabbit (42nd best friend)
  • The Chicks (best chicks)
  • The BFG (character) (43rd best friend)
  • Jenny Foxworth (owner)
  • Winston (caretaker)
  • Lucy (Main Antagonist of the Series)
  • Big Ben (Lucy's Henchman who can't Talk)
  • Parrotello (Green Parrot)
  • Chloe (44th best friend)
  • Mona (45th best friend)
  • Mr. Beaver (46th best friend)
  • Captain Crash (7th best human)
  • Dappy Foxworth (Jenny's best friend)
  • Penny (3rd best human friends)
  • Georgette (Jenny's pet and one of Oliver's best former friend)
  • Thomas O'Malley (49th best friend)
  • Scat Cat (50th best friend)
  • Madame Adelaide Bonfamille (51st best friend)
  • Georges Hautecourt (Old friend of Madame Adelaide Bonfamille)
  • Frou-Frou (52nd best friend)
  • Abigail and Amelia Gabble (53rd best friend)
  • Uncle Waldo (54th best friend)
  • The Milkman (A neutral character)
  • Kevin (Jenny's second best friend)
  • Hogarth Hughes (Jenny's third best friend)
  • Debie, Geek and Lucy (Jenny's Main Antagonist of the Series)
  • Cody (4th best human friends)
  • Alex (Jenny's forth best friend)
  • Megan (Jenny's fifth best friend)
  • Mr. Foxworth (Jenny's father)
  • Mrs. Foxworth (Jenny's mother)