Oke Bay Creature
The infamous creature, spotted near the shore of Oke Bay (Cape Brett) on Google Maps.
Size 75 ft. (22.86 m)
Diet Unknown (presumed to be fish and other small ocean creatures)
Range Cape Brett
Strength Unknown (presumed to be very strong due to its massive size)
Behavior Unknown (Passive; Neutral; Hostile)
First Sighting 15/12/14
Last Sighting 15/12/14

The Oke Bay Creature is a creature of underwater origin of which was first spotted in Cape Brett Peninsula, New Zealand on December 15, 2014 by a frequent user of the well-known Google application Google Maps. It appears to be a long, large, and ghoulish snake-like creature.

No other sightings of the creature have been reported. However, it is suggested that its quick fade into obscurity is what further proves that is a real creature.

The Oke Bay Creature has not been officially measured, but most tend to agree that is approximately 75-100 feet in length, though it is suggested it could be longer.

It is unknown if this creature is a threat to the inhabitants of New Zealand, but its size seems to suggest that it is not exactly a creature you would want to come into contact with.

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