Oh, The Places We'll Go! is an American animated drama TV series that aired on December 18, 2014, and aired for almost 2 years until its ending on December 7, 2016 with 52 30-min. episodes on The CC (Cartoon Comedy).


The plot centers on a rich family, who loses everything after being convicted of being "tax frauds". After managing to get only $1,040 dollars from the grown-ups' bank accounts, they set out on a journey to everywhere in order to survive, and rediscover themselves along the way.


Main characters

  • Mrs. Kellson is the mother of the family, and is Mr. Kellson's spouse. She's stressed out due to being pulled by her family into many misadventures, but ultimately finds herself enjoying them.
  • Mr. Kellson is the father of the family, and is Mrs. Kellson's husband. He is adventurous and a kid at heart, just like his kids. Due to this, he's not disturbed by the family misadventures.
  • Eric is the family's son. He is rebellious, but is shown to be caring. He is wild and likes the misadventures his family has. He sometimes go by the alias, Ricky. He wants to be a skateboarder when he grows up.
  • Camilla is the family's daughter. She is loving and happy-go-free. She is talented, as going to be shown in Theater. She likes the performing arts, and she dreams of becoming an actress.
  • Kenneth is the baby boy of the family.
  • Nellie is the baby girl of the family.
  • Milo is the dog of the Kellsons, named after the dog in The Adventures of Milo and Otis.
  • Otis is the cat of the Kellsons, named after the cat in Milo and Otis.

Minor characters

  • John is a tax advisor who convinces the IRS that the Kellsons are "tax frauds" along with Ron and Con, due to his hatred of them and their riches.
  • Ron is another tax advisor who helps John convince the IRS about the Kellsons. He's also secretly jealous of the family's riches.
  • Con is the other tax advisor who helps John and Ron with the convincing to the IRS. A poor man, he despises the 1%, which motivates him to help the other two.


Production started in 2013 and ended in 2015.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 52 December 18, 2014 December 7, 2016

Season 1 (2014-2016)

  • Every episode is named after a place, except the last episode, which is named by an invented alliteration.
No. Title Original airing date U.S viewers
(in millions)
1 "Mall" December 18, 2014 13.1
After being targeted for being tax frauds, a rich family (the Kellsons) is homeless, but find shelter in the woods. But when they forgot to bring their clothes, the family go to the mall, as they have $1,040 dollars. Meanwhile, Eric, the son of the family goes to the food court, but is then chased by a mall cop after being blamed for not paying his food, so he must prove his innocence while being on the lam around the mall. Elsewhere, Camilla, the daughter, tries to find the right pair of shoes for her, but then goes bonkers when she can't find the right pair. The baby goes loose in the mall, and the Kellsons try to chase him through the mall.
2 "Amusement Park" December 19, 2014 10.8
The Kellsons couple are worried that their children won't learn about fun anymore (as they're poor) so they take them to an amusement park. Meanwhile, Eric tries to have a competition with a rival to see who would not vomit in the scariest ride: the Blender, but discover the true meaning of friendship. Elsewhere, Camilla tries to get a ride with the handsome man ever, but learns she deserves a better, nice boyfriend. And the Kellsons couple befriend a couple, the Edsons, but problems arise when Mrs. Kellson is being flirted by Mr. Edson and Mr. Kellson flirts with Mrs. Edson.
3 "Supermarket" December 20, 2014 9.0
Due to the lack of food, the Kellsons go to the supermarket. Meanwhile, Eric tries to get a Kocoa Krispy cereal, but Mrs. Kellson says he has to be good-behaves in order to get the cereal. Elsewhere, Camilla tries to trick Eric into trouble so he won't get the cereal. And the Kellsons have difficulty with supermarket coupons.
4 "Restaurant" December 27, 2015 3.6
When food runs out after the previous episode, the Kellsons think a restaurant would be a good place to eat in. Meanwhile, Eric wants to order Super Spicy Wings, but without his parents' concern. Elsewhere, Camilla can't order because she is on a diet. And the Kellsons want to have a romantic dinner, but their kids cause trouble and riot, and get a waiter fired.
5 "Park" January 3, 2015 3.9
When the Kellsons visit the park, things go awry: Eric bothers a bunch of little kids, Camilla is forced by her mother to enjoy the outdoors instead on being on social media, and the Kellsons remember the time when they were little and use to play in the park.
6 "Laundromat" January 10, 2015 5.5
The Kellson family's clothes are dirty, so the Kellsons go to the nearest Laundromat.
7 "Beach" January 17, 2015 7.9
8 "Arcade" January 24, 2015 5.8
9 "Zoo" January 31, 2015 6.5
10 "Theater" February 12, 2015 4.9
11 "Movie Cinema" February 19, 2015 7.8
12 "Building" March 27, 2015 6.2
13 "Elementary School" April 4, 2015 5.9
14 "Bookstore" April 18, 2015 4.3
15 "Toy Store" July 29, 2015 5.5
16 "Museum" August 12, 2015 5.6
17 "Fire Station" August 19, 2015 4.9
18 "Ice Creamery" August 26, 2015 5.1
19 "Movie Hut" September 30, 2015 4.2
20-21 "Casino" October 7, 2015 12.3
22 "Dojo" October 14, 2015 6.1
23 "Gymnasium" October 21, 2015 3.3
24 "Haunted House" October 28, 2015 8.2
25 "Gallery" November 11, 2015 5.0
26 "Flea Market" November 18, 2015 3.2
27 "Nature" November 25, 2015 3.0
28 "1950 Style Dinner" December 2, 2015 3.1
29 "Fan Convention" December 16, 2015 3.4
30 "Hospital" December 30, 2015 7.1
31 "Airport" January 20, 2016 6.4
32 "Hardware" February 19, 2016 2.1
33 "Pet Store" February 26, 2016 2.4
34 "Pool" March 3, 2016 2.5
35 "Barbershop" March 31, 2016 3.4
36 "Dentist" April 14, 2016 4.0
37 "Farm" April 21, 2016 5.2
38 "Jail" April 28, 2016 9.8
39 "Plaza" May 5, 2016 6.5
40 "Skyscraper" May 12, 2016 7.3
41 "Bed and Breakfast" June 9, 2016 4.3
42 "Warehouse" June 23, 2016 4.2
43-44 "Space" July 20, 2016 10.1
45 "Night Club" August 10, 2016 9.8
46 "Pharmacy" August 24, 2016 4.0
47-48 "Hollywood" September 7, 2016 13.8
49 "Graveyard" October 19, 2016 8.7
50 "Bazaar" November 2, 2016 3.1
51-52 "Frauds Fight For Freedom and Face Foes" December 7, 2016 15.4
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