Ogre the Dakoraptor

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Ogre is the main antagonist of the 1998 animated film, Rex's Big Movie. He is a Dakotaraptor who steals eggs for a living and the ex-boss of Brainy and Crazy.

He is voiced by Dustin Hoffman.


Although he is the main antagonist, he doesn't reveal his true colors until near the climax. Ogre is first seen in the underground Dinosaur World as a wealthy founder of the meat factory, who kills all the human race in order to create 1,000 meats for a hour.

That night, Ogre is altered by multiple egg thefts which resulted him into becoming a greedy, arrogant, selfish, ruthless, and determined villain, which he finally fires Rex from his job.

Later, he steals an egg from a Triceratops along with his current henchmen, Brainy and Crazy, only to be stopped by Woolie who manages to fight all three of them and defeat them. Later, after Rex and his friends goes to the surface and travels to New York, but accidentally breaks the time machine. They listen to their conversation and hear that an enormous asteroid is going to crash on Dinosaur World and kill all life and Woolie plans to stop it. After they leave, Brainy and Crazy tells his boss the must stop Rex from stopping the asteroid.

Concluding that due to their ability to fly, they will be able to survive, whilst the mammals will not. Afterwards, they track down the Herd and he reveals he is going to kill them, so they will not save all lives, planning to turn into the museum attraction, and so he can rule the new Earth later. Thankfully, Rex manages to lead the Herd to the forest and once again defeat Ogro and his henchmen. They try to repeat their attack later during a thunderstorm, but end up getting electrocuted, sending all three of them paralleling towards the ground and into the trees, crashing into the ground.

During nighttime, Ogro orders his henchmen Brainy and Crazy to kidnap Rex, but Crazy accidentally takes Muffin, the fox. Ogro tries to eat him, but fails and Muffin starts dragging around inside his abdomen. Brainy instead help Ogro barf up Muffin and throws him off the ledge they were on, where she finds Geotopia. Finally, the Herd realize that the reason the meteor is coming is because of a magnetic attraction between the remains of the previous meteors that crashed on Earth, so they try to fill a volcano with the remains in order to blast it off to space and pull the meteor away.

When Rex and his dinosaur friends escaped from circus and challenges several dangers, Ogre, Brainy, and Crazy finally finds the abandoned mines, bring the extinct dinosaurs back to life and intervene by grabbing and throwing the largest part off the mountain. Brainy then orders Crazy to kill Rex, and reveals him his scheme. However, Crazy realizes that they will not be able to survive the meteor's crashing in the Dinosaur World. Ogre fights Rex, while Brainy and Crazy fights Margaret. While Brainy and Crazy attempts to kill Rex and successfully steal the egg, Ogre betrays them by throwing rocks and roar at them. In the middle of the fight, Ogro reveals to Rex that he killed his mother, traumatizing Rex. When Ogre tries to kill and eat Rex, Rex turns against him by throwing a dynamite at his mouth, killing him with a explosion, ending his tyranny once and for all.


Ogre initially appears as a chivalrous and polite creature, albeit with a delicate temper and intolerance for treating the pre-historic expedition as a vacation experience rather than a business endeavor.

Later, Ogre's true nature begins to be revealed by the plan of survive by flying above the asteroid while it kills all other life on Earth, which results him into become really a manipulative, vicious, crazy, deluded, greedy, arrogant, selfish, delusional, and determined and cruel poacher who plans to make wealth to revive all the dinosaurs in the abandoned mines and make Rex's life in the meat factory miserable.

However, his unsparing, arrogant and ruthless nature often keeps him from thinking clearly as he was more concerned on getting revenge on Rex than helping the herd stop the asteroid.




  • Despite being Rex's boss, Ogro is more evil like Brainy and Crazy due to the fact to kill Rex and survive by flying above the asteroid while it kills all other life on Earth.
  • Ogre, Brainy and Crazy are also three of the few villains to utter evil laughs, with Brainy doing so just as they are about to eat the egg from Ducky's family's nest, and Ogre doing so just as he ambushes and kidnaps Rex near the cliff.
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