Oggy and the Cockroaches: Hidden Episode is supernatural indie lost episode story film it real star Derek, Bella


"one day" Derek love Oggy and the Cockroaches it funny but her sister Bella Sana watch too and in 20 minutes. it cut to black the title card is change to Oggy Revenge and Bella Sana said "is this a lost episode UUUU scary" and the background is bloody and red with gores.

Derek turn off the TV and never watch again "night" Derek turn on the TV and Bella watch and Oggy died and Bella scream. Derek was scare and Oggy her face is creepy. Bella was scare and Oggy screwing at Bella and looking at Derel. Bella set her heart scare. Derek run out and Bella bashes the TV and it not bashed and she run away outside and call the police. Oggy go to the police and killed all the police and call Bella

it said "HI BELLA WHERE DEREK AND I WILL FIND YOU AND KILL YOU ALL HAHAHAHAHAHA" and Bella scream. Derek find Bella in the road "it so cold it raining i need to find Bella) and Oggy find Derek chased by Oggy. Bella finds Derek and hold a axe and bashed Oggy head and she died now and "one day" Derek is happy now Oggy is dead in 1 mins she see Oggy and stand at and look. "IT OGGY"


  • Bella Sana
  • Derek Santos
  • Polices
  • Derek Mom and Derek Dad
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