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Odd-Currences is an American-British slipstream science/comic fantasy dramedy TV series that commenced airing on May 31, 2019, replacing the schedule of the canceled The CC APP's Mia Stories reboot, Mia Tales. The first season has a 13-episode order.


The personifications of strange "occurrences" (such as Karma, Coincidence, Tragedy, etc., to name a few) live as diminutive, humanoids clones in secrecy from human beings, controlling how events in humans life proceed as part of their job. While their clones are all around the globe, the main characters are the original prototypes on the precipice of retirement.

Voice cast

Main characters

  • Karma (Erica Lindbeck)
  • Coincidence (Jim Cummings)
  • Tragedy (Liam O'brien)
  • Glitch (A.J. Locascio)
  • Poetic Justice (David Kaye)
  • Bad Luck (Maurice LaMarche)
  • Good Luck (Tress MacNeille)

Secondary characters

  • Serendipity (Anndi McAfee)

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 13 May 31, 2019 TBA

Season 1 (2019-)

No. Title Directed by Written by Original airdatep
1 "An Odd Bunch" Mariah Hoplins Fitzpatrick Sinclair May 31, 2019
The elder and original personifications of universal events such as karma, coincidence, tragedy, glitch, poetic justice, bad and good luck, attempt to train their younger descendants into preserving the craft of making such events occur, but they are incautious to this and one of them is fronted with human beings, endangering all of their lives in the process. Due to this, he is executed publicly as exposure to human beings is a crime punishable by death. In the aftermath, the rest of the descendants take their training very seriously. Concurrently, Good and Bad Luck reminisce on retiring earlier than the other personifications.
2 "Big Karma" Ronald Munoz Poul Lynge May 31, 2019
Karma's position as the de facto leader of the prototypes comes into question by Coincidence, who tacitly states he's much more elderly than her and wages a competition among them to crown the true leader. They must secretly enhance a down-on-her luck teenage girl who's fired from her job at a retail store due to her snout-faced boss enraged that she wouldn't allow him to sexually abuse her, which is implied. Karma assists her by having her boss fired after numerous girls come forward accusing him of sexual harassment. Coincidence, meanwhile, tries to make his magic work, but indeliberately has another honcho, this type from the entertainment industry, outed for inappropriate conduct with his female clients, despite actually having his awkward interactions misinterpreted. As an endgame, he is jailed for 90 years with a possibility of parole when he's 50. Coincidence is berated by the others for his lack of forethought or planning, but Karma accedes the chaos by stating that no one is faulty and arguing will not "rewind what was unpreventable and the actions of the human species". Coincidence then resigns and commits himself to silent treatment for the remaining years of his life.
3 "Serendipity The Fool" Antonio Ward Robert Hilsey June 28, 2019
Serendipity is one of the more impressionable personifications who grants a young boy the pleasant surprise of unearthing and adopting a stray puppy following the death of his elderly dog from natural causes. Here she realizes she cannot avow serendipity to herself and has an identity crisis. Only in confiding to Karma does the latter advise her that she has a "unique gift" which can "alter" people's lives for the better, that it shouldn't matter if she can't apply this to herself.
4 "(Poetic) Justice Served" Ronnie Grantham Richard Whittle August 16, 2019
5 "The Luck Stops Here" Jason Muto Marianne Caple September 13, 2019
6 "Random Turn of Events" Lori G. Seo Ursula Reynolds October 11, 2019
7 "A Chance Encounter" Miriam Northrop Fitzpatrick Sinclair December 13, 2019
8 "Glitch Please!" Ingrid Gibbons Jeannette Reeves January 10, 2020
9 "Glitch Please!" Antonio Ward Poul Lynge February 28, 2020