October Blue is a 2019 thriller action spinoff tv series to the film October. Set 2 years after the events of the film October , the series follows NYPD Detective Chris Hayes now being hailed as a hero starting to face new threats against him and everybody he loves.


Set 2 years after the events of October , NYPD Detective Chris Hayes is now being hailed as a hero after discovering the secret deals involving killing with the mayor and a noturious local gang. But now Chris has to face more threats more than ever when the gang is seeking revenge from the jail cell and not to him only but everything even his job. As he struggles to find love and reconnect with himself , he will have to stop crime in the Big Apple.


Chris Pratt as Detective Chris Hayes

Rosario Dawson as Tech Analyst Michelle Harris

Taye Diggs as Forensic Specialist Joey Mattias

Jake T. Austin as Rafia ( Gang Leader )

Tom Hardy as Detective Russell Smith

Sam Rockwell as District Attorney Justin Ahert

Nolan Gould as Wes Smith

Amir Arison as DA Investigator Lester Avonne

Naomi Watts as Seargeant Amanda Kepper

America Ferrera as Junior Detective Sam Rodriguez

Rebbeca Romijn as Captain Emily Parks

Barry Pepper as Deputy August Roman

Cary Ewles as William Hunter ( Season 2 ) - Lawyer

Sean Penn as Seargeant Angelo Hughes

Jodie Foster as Deputy Edith Shane

Guest Stars

Millie Bobby Brown as Lisa Grenfield ( Pilot)

Mark Strong as Stalker ( I Know What You Did Last Night )

Max Charles as Martin George ( Junior )

Micheal Ealy as David Dawson ( Que Es El Amor)

Jurnee Smollet - Bell as Kimberly Dawson ( Que Es El Amor )

Boris Kodjoe as Boris Langford ( Fire Away ) - Lawyer - Reccuring Cast ( Season 2 )

Josh Hutchinson as Bill West ( Fire Away )

Jim Sturgess as Tyler White ( Hail Death )


Season 1

Ep 1 - Pilot

Detective Chris Hayes investigates the murder of a girl who had been left in the middle of a forest. Rafias send a hitman to kill Chris. Joey’s daughter gets kidnapped

Ep 2 - I Know What You Did Last Night

Russell and Chris investigate a mysterious stalker who has been targeting young women under the age of 13. An unknown hacker hacks into Michelle’s computer. Joey finds a lead on his daughter‘s kidnapping

Ep 3 - Junior

Rafias escapes from jail and seeks revenge. A child prodigy gets murdered but not by a fellow adult. Wes finishes some dirty work for Justin Ahert

Ep 4 - Que Es El Amor

Chris investigates the murder of a husband who murdered his wife for her money. Rafia makes a televised threat against the police department. Justin blackmails Joey after a scheme he pulled. Chris starts dating Michelle.

Ep 5 - Fire Away

Chris meets a childhood friend from his past. Russell investigates a church arson. Joey travels to Peru to search for his daughter Aurora. Wes secretly let’s Rafias stay in his house for a price...

Ep 6 - Hail Death

Chris and Russell investigate a Nazi who pretends to date Jews but then slaughters them. Justin tries to finish his father ‘s secret deals. Russell starts drinking

Ep 7 - To Be or Not To Be

Justin Ahert hires the stepdaughter of serial killer Nelson Ronstein to fake a hostage to prove a point to the city. Newbie Sam Rodriguez gets her first assignment but simply messes up. August gets reminded of his troubled past when an old friend of his commits a murder
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