Oceans 1 is a 2027 American comdey heist film directed by Shane Black and a reboot of the Ocean's film series. It stars Grant Gustin, Dylan O Brien, Josh Hutcherson, Megan Fox, Britt Robertson, Anna Kendrick, Darren Criss, Dakota Johnson, Anthony Anderson, Emily Vancamp, Taylor Kitsch and Morgan Freeman. Jack Ocean and his best friend Harry Bang assemble a team who plan to take down a rich criminal mastermind from escaping.



  • Grant Gustin as Jack Ocean: The leader of the ocean gang and Danny Ocean's son.
  • Dylan O Brien as Ryan Bang: Jack's best friend and member of the ocean gang.
  • Josh Hutcherson as Daniel Kingston: a young martial artist and member of the ocean gang.
  • Megan Fox as Teresa Williams: Jack's Love Interest who loves swimming underwater member of the ocean gang.
  • Britt Robertson as Megan Wilder: A amazing hacker Ryan's Love Interest and member of the ocean gang.
  • Anna Kendrick as Katie Johnson: A woman with serious anger issues and member of the ocean gang.
  • Darren Criss as John Kent: A rich criminal mastermind holding 18 thousand dollars and the main antagionst.
  • Dakota Johnson as Mia Metal: A celebrity who later joins the ocean gang.
  • Anthony Anderson as Mikey Wilson: A funny rapper who has a huge hatred over John Kent.
  • Emily Vancamp as Emma Burnes: A old friend of Jack.
  • Taylor Kitsch as Mack Cooper: John Kent's bodyguard
  • Morgan Freeman as Newt McDonald: Owner of the Plaza Hotel
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