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== Characters ==
== Characters ==
* Dagger
# Dagger
* Orange
# Orange
* Sundial
# Sundial
* Red Marker
# Red Marker
* Blue Face
# Blue Face
* Pepper Spray
# Pepper Spray
* Alaska
# Alaska
* Baskety
# Baskety
* Tophat
# Tophat
* Masky
# Masky
* Eye
# Eye
* Robot
# Robot
* Claw
# Claw
* Troll Face
# Troll Face
* Cottony
# Cottony
* Rainbow Grassy
# Rainbow Grassy
* Chargery
# Chargery
* 10
# 10
* MePhone 2G (host)
# MePhone 2G (host)
== Episode 1 ==
== Episode 1 ==

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Object Miracle is an Object Show made by Paul C. Wilson in September 29, 2013

Characters Edit

  1. Dagger
  2. Orange
  3. Sundial
  4. Red Marker
  5. Blue Face
  6. Pepper Spray
  7. Alaska
  8. Baskety
  9. Tophat
  10. Masky
  11. Eye
  12. Robot
  13. Claw
  14. Troll Face
  15. Cottony
  16. Rainbow Grassy
  17. Chargery
  18. 10
  19. MePhone 2G (host)

Episode 1 Edit

The episode starts. The grass is dark green and the sky is light blue, with the background made in Photoshop. In the middle of the area is Dagger and Orange. Sundial walks over to them and overhears them talking about him. Confused but intrigued, Sundial walks up to Dagger and Orange and asks to join their conversation. Dagger tells Sundial that Sundial can join their conversation, and Orange nods in agreement. Then, as if it were on queue, the host comes up over the horizon. He seems to be a maroon-screened MePhone 2G, with a CD coming along right behind him. CD seems to be the co-host. MePhone 2G smiles at the future competitors awaiting his arrival, and says, "My contestants, you have all been selected to compete in my object show." All of the competitors look confused. The host continues. "Here will be where we will have our object show, The Competition for Objects. The prize will be, of course, objects. Once I'm done talking, we'll divide you all into teams of 10, then we can start. Get used to seeing each others' faces, because you'll all be seeing them for the rest of the contest." Everyone goes out into a race for teams and Chargery and Dagger won

Episode 2 Edit

The episode starts. The sky is blue with giant, grey clouds and light green grass, made in Flash. Standing in the middle of the area is Chargery, Sundial, and Claw. In the background, "New Friendly" by Kevin MacLeod is playing. Sundial says to Claw "Uh it's sure do after all, just try failing!" , they picked the teams and the team of Dagger lost!

Episode 3 Edit

Alaska got eliminated and Dagger's team lost again

Episode 4 Edit

Sundial got eliminated and Chargery's team lost

Episode 5 Edit

Tophat debuted, Baskety got eliminated and Dagger's team lost

Episode 6 Edit

10 got eliminated and Chargery's team lost

Episode 7 Edit

Cottony and Rainbow Grassy got eliminated, it was a DOUBLE ELIMINATION! And Chargery's team lost

Episode 8 Edit

Sundial rejoined, Pepper Spray got eliminated and Chargery's team LOST AGAIN

Cancellation Edit

The Object Show was somehow cancelled beacuse the creator's PC got formatted and lost the .fla files

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