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Object Attack is an american supernatural comedy-horror film starring Jake Oken, Bella Sana, Amanda Seyfried, Jack Moason


a possessed crazy man-eating object eats any people in the house and it they attacking and eating some people in a mansion


the film begins with Naniel was going to poop and she sitting in a toilet. the toilet just spin and Naniel scare and start running and the door closed and locked. the toilet set to possessed and eaten Naniel alive.

Emily and Lenden was playing outside and her mother. her mother set her breakfast to her father. Jacky was busted in a school in watching some videos in a school. her mother told her not to watch videos.

in a day Jacky very revenge and create a supernatural power to possessed a objects and items. she put some acid in a blue potion, green potion and drop some one water. it explosion and she test with the fright and it work and drop it in the floor and all the object to eaten all of them.

after Jacky disappear. Mariana get some cookies in the fright. the fright sucks her in and get bloody and gore. before Mariana get eaten by a fright. Lenden was in a clover. ball room. Lenden was it a gore. before the machine eaten the father and her mother.

Lenden and Naniel fall in a sewer and welly and the water set to grow and a pipe suck Naniel foot and almost eaten her and Lenden smash the pipe with a axe. Lenden in a drain and almost eaten her and Naniel fall in a cabin and Jacky evil laugh and the item eaten Jacky.

the film ends with Lenden and Naniel get away from the house and go away from the house


  • TBA as Mother
  • TBA as Father
  • TBA as Naniel
  • TBA as Emily
  • TBA as Lenden
  • TBA as Jacky (Villain of this film)
  • TBA as Mariana