Obi fights BM and Klintrin at the same time but loses when Ladynanana sneaks behind them and kills them all but only to realize that Obi is still alive and beat Ladynanana up but decides to spare her.

Chapter 7

Chipika and Neh train to fight the Obi man but he comes too soon and kills Neh because hes not ready and Chipika fights him but she gets knocked out because she's not ready.

Obi then goes to japan and see big fat mariostrikerman the monster and kills the monster with one kick yes.

Chapter 10

Neh revives and is ready but notices no one is in his house so he decides to cuss freely. Rio notices the event even through he isnt at the house.

Part 5

BM come back to life with Klint and they kill Arya then meanwhile at Australia, Obi is dueling DC and Peat and Cake summons Goggles but then a wild man named Alec kills Peat then Peat loses to Obi and Obi slices Cake in 5 pieces and DC joins Obi.

Chapter 11

Ladynanana summons a lightning god named Drew. and then BM is accidentally falling down the tall NeKoti Rock mountain but then DC catches him but he says surprise and stab BM forehead with his scythe then Klint flys in with his helicopter and shoots at DC but he misses then DC jumps back to Obi and they walk away then all of a sudden Drew dies

chapter 12 back at america Rio is fighting Arya because she steals shovel form the Rio and then all of a sudden Ladynanana kicks Rio in the face but Arya stabs Rio and says "no no this is my kill today" but Rio shoot both of them in the leg and run away and car.

chapter 12 b: then soon when they're at iraq Klint is fighting Obi with his glove but Obk summons Marro and DC they soon fight Klint and he get overwhelmed but DC reveal himself to truly be the wizard of OZ (real name is darryl barryl) he kills Marro but Obi throwed him at a hill so DC disabled and now Klint is fight Obi all by himself and sadly Obi kicks his head off

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