Nox Janette was a member of the original Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (circa 1996-1998), known by her
Nox Janette
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Full Name
Nox Janette
Portrayed by
Cameron Diaz
First Appearance
Chapter 12: The Assassination Of Peter Harmon
Last Appearance
Chapter 19: Fire Meets Earth
Date of Death
October 24th, 1998
Deadly Viper Assassination Squad
code-name Cobra.

She appears solemenly in Kill Bill: Vol.3 portrayed by Cameron Diaz.


She's highly reminiscent of Daryl Hannah's Elle Driver The Californian Mountain Snake of the first two Kill Bill Volumes. She's competive, manipulative, remorseless and cruel. She has love and compassion however for her secret lover Bill who is also her secret boss. She's stuck in a marriage with a Manhattan Mob Boss she absolutley resents and has great desire to finish off Beatrix Kiddo upon discovering Bill has an interest in her.

–Cameron Diaz, (on Nox Janette)

Nox Janette is much like the following Deadly Viper Elle Driver codename: California Mountain Snake as she is steely, cruel, sadistic, malicious and competitive.

She has a great love for Bill as he brings out her evil killer nature and has a strong resentment towards her mob boss husband who keeps her chained at home as nothing but a slave wife and a strong resentment towards Beatrix Kiddo as Bill has an interest in her.



Sometime during 1996 Nox Janette was discovered by Bill and his brother Budd in Central Manhattan where had broken out in a brawl with a male man who had slapped her bottom and wolf-whistled her.

Her great strength and viciousness attracted the attention of both Bill and Budd and Bill having been planning over starting his own Assassin organization asked her to be the first member.

From there began to secretly take off on her Mob Boss Husband Vince and participate in Assassin missions, eliminating all the Assassin competitors of Bill who were out to get him.

Branching Out

The two then proceeded to branch out and Bill flew the two to Mexico where they discovered the hulking man Chingo Martinez who was an old friend of Bill's and crowned the second Deadly Viper Member.

Recruiting in Las Vegas

In 1997 Nox was sent out along with Chingo in search of two more individuals to recruit as members and Nox whilest in Las Vegas, Nevada discovered a gambler woman named Ness who is an athletic murderer with a strong sense and talented as fast execution.

Chingo at the same time period whilest in Los Angeles discovered rising actress Jeanine Epper who happened to be an in secret murderer too with cat like reflexes and talented at fast executions.

The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad was then fully forged and operated from then up until November 8th, 1998.

Assassination of Peter Harmon

On January 27th, 1998 Nox participated in the Assassination of Bill's competitor Peter Harmon and his crew during a downtown Chicago Parade.

It so happened that Peter Harmon and his followers were indeed the individuals responsebile for the killing of Bethany Kiddo before the eyes of her daughter Beatrix who made a list of those responsebile and planned to assassinate all of them during the parade as well.

However she was discovered by Nox and Chingo perched on an abandoned Wrecker Building Floor and was rendered unconsious by Nox and Chingo.

Not before however she saw Bill dressed in a Kato Mask and thug attire assassinate Peter and then shoot the gas tanks on their parade cart executing the others as well.

Beatrix upon coming through and being discovered by British Trainer Sir Peterson and his assistants Lilian Imsey and AnnaBella Conita she made a new death list.

Sir Peterson told her of the five responsebile for botching her revenge attempt against her mother's killers and their names.

Beatrix wrote down Nox as third on her death list and her codename Cobra as Sir Peterson had informed her.

Facing Beatrix

Nox was ultimatley killed after a large battle between them in her and Vince's apartment.

Nox had prior to Beatrix entering the apartment to kill her killed Vince with Black Mamba poison she had administered to his cocktail she had served him.

Beatrix threw herself through the apartment entrance door into Nox and the two began battle smashing up most the apartment.

Beatrix finished Nox by splashing boiling hot coffee upon her melting up most her face and upper torso and then ploughing Nox down upon the living room glass coffee table.

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