Nothing Is Ambigious is a 2014 American Romantic Tragic Drama film with experimental elements written and directed by Terrence Malik starring Brad Pitt, Topher Grace, Dominic Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Sam Shepard and Holland Taylor.

The film focues on the powerful romance between the closet homosexual son of an incredibly wealthy, powerful businessman and a directionless former director, as well as the beautiful sister with the abusive boyfriend who helps steer their relationship.

Sweeping cinematic shots of the landscape and the affects of drugs are shown as well as concentrated focusing on character's facial features during moments of expressed emotions.

The film is told in an almost identical fashion to Malik's previous 2010 feature The Tree Of Life which also starred Pitt as it is told mostly through the narration of the characters in opposition to actual dialogue (though it is shared in the character on character scenes.)

The film is slated for a Cairns and Toronto screening on April 30th, 2014 and then a short theatrical release May 14th, 2014.


Mike Harlow (Brad Pitt) is an out of work passionate director who has been unable to find work in the era of the swinging 60's as he now openly come out as a full fledged homosexual.

Mike's trophy girlfriend Marianne (Isla Fisher) throws him out and he soon begins to look up friends and former contacts to find a place to take up residence at.

He tries all his resources and finds they have cut him off out segregation against his orientation but salvation comes as Mike and his camera come to rich closet homosexual pre-med Dan Haston (Topher Grace) an old acquaintance from high school, who lives with his rich homophobic father Dr. Drew Haston (Sam Shepard), alcoholic neglected, resentful mother Ira (Holland Taylor) and passionate, detached sister June (Jennifer Lawrence).

Dan who had in high school had a compulsive obsession with Mike upon having him rock up at their property and learning of his predicament welcomes him stay with him and his family, despite his father's objections.

Also the Haston's eldest son Russ (Joel Edgerton) returns home from some service in Vietnam and who himself is a homophobic with a terribe secret hanging over him.

Russ' wife Paula (Sarah Paulson) comes to stay and she comes to develop feelings for Mike at the same time Mike and Dan enter a secret relationship kept hush by sister June who discovers their sordid affair.

June herself is coping with a physically abusive, heroin addict boyfriend Stalk Fairlow (Dominic Cooper) whom Mike comes to confront about his treatment of June and his severe beating of Dan when he tried to intervene on the matter.

Paula attempts one night to seduce Mike as the others go out to an exclusive Haston family commemoration dinner for Russ but is refuted and then discovers he is homosexual which leads her into a deep state of depression.

That night in the barnhouse of the property Paula commits suicide with Russ' 44. Magnum Pistol leaving a note describing her tragic story of how she was emotionally abused by her mother and father and how with losing her intimacy with husband Russ had come to believe she is exactly what her parents said "ugly and worthless."

Russ suspicious of Mike and believing him to be responsible for Paula's suicide develops a deep resentment towards him and begins digging into his past prior to his arrival at the Haston residence looking for a place to stay.

Mike who shatters after Paula's suicide and starts to have his relationship with Dan crumble on the secretive grounds it stands takes up therapy with a renowned local psychologist Angela Palamenteri (Katie Holmes) who comes to councel him and digs deep into Mike's troubled past and reveals that her herself possessed a homosexual sister Diane who was her role model but after she came out she was scrutinized, and as a result of the discrimination and torture layed upon took her own life.

Mike after getting Angela to reveal this personal information about herself has her abruptly end their appointment and later meets her at a local tavern where they drink and discuss further the problems of their lives and their broken dreams: Mike's of being a filmmaker and Angela's of being a photographer.

Angela pulls out from her bag her Likon 7 Camera which she had hoped to use in her startling career as a renowned photographer but instead due to all her problems with a string of diminishing boyfriends and the time she missed from college mourning the death of her sister could only follow through with her masters in Psychology.

Mike and Angela both in an intoxicated state come back to Angela's apartment where they begin to kiss and prepare to engage in sexual intercourse but stop on account of Mike and Angela's morals kicking in as Mike divolges he has a closeted relationship going with an old acquaitance from high school.

At that moment the semi-dressed pair are walked in on by Dan who driven by June have tailed the two.

Dan storms out and June tells Mike he forced her into tailing the two.

June takes a glance around Angela's apartment and sees photos with her sister which have her sister scratched out.

Mike attempts to reconcile with Dan but soon instead tells him he may not work and that for him it is most likely not love just obsession.

Dan states that he wants Mike to clear out by the end of Labor Day weekend and as the group continue on and Mike begins work on the Haston farm along with Father Drew and a still incredibly resentful, eyeful and mute Russ.

One night Mike comes across a distraught Dan who has nearly overdosed himself to death on Epilim and Frisium tablets which deal with a nocturnal epileptic condition of his.

Mike puts Dan to sleep after reviving him and then discovers through scattered envelopes on the ground letters addressed to him proclaiming his love which Mike becomes tearful at and then kisses Dan on the forehead as he drifts into a deep sleep.

Paula's funeral commences the following afternoon and that night Mike comes to console Ira Haston who has drank herself into a stupor off red wine.

Ira then clears up alcoholism and begins to love and respect her husband again.

Mike then works a plan along with June in fixing up the lives of the others whose lives need repair: Russ, Dan and Angela.

The two begin with Angela who they come to her at apartment after learning she has taken a sabbatical from work and is planning a vacation to Vanuatu to get away from it all.

They are able to stop her at the airport and after sitting with her rehash the memories of her sister Diane and tell her she has an amazing ability, one which repairs the lives of all those around her but for now they need to fix hers.

They then travel with Angela back to her hometown of Langdon, Illinois where they help her reconnect with her parents Roger (Creed Bratton), Julianne (Lynn Redgrave) and klepto brother Thomas (Colin Hanks).

After being embraced and welcomed back she finally obtains closure concerning Diane's suicide and then departs with June and Mike.

The three then take aim at Russ who is scheduled in for an appointment with Angela after June gets him to book in for a therapy session concerning Paula and what happened over in Vietnam.

Angela takes his case off a fellow co-worker and gets him to confess that whilst in service he was raped by fellow grunts after becoming lost in a desolate jungle region which is why he became so detached form Paula and any physical contact with her or anyone.

He proclaims a hatred for the homosexuals and Angela prescribes a trip to a local gay bar which help him see that they are not monsters out to violate others and he will find closure.

However in a shocking turn of events paths cross as June and Mike who have set out to find Dan who has been disappearing at night discover him at the said gay bar and are all spotted by Russ.

Russ trails them and first hand Russ witnesses Mike passionately kiss Dan as Dan finally comes to forgive him and Mike reveals he read his letters and knows he truly does love him.

The two talk of running away together to which June and Angela will assist in and Russ in a rage returns home and tears apart his room and photos of him with Dan and June.

Russ then sees a photo of him and Paula and then pays a visit to Angela's apartment where he murders her dog Calvin and displays its' decapitated head for her prompting her to break down.

Russ then tells Dr. Drew and Ira who come home from a lovely dinner that Dan is in a relationship with Mike and June is covering the relationship.

Russ then calls upon June's ex-boyfriend Stalk who is out to get Mike and the group rally and confront Mike, Dan and June as they come home.

Drew beats Dan severely but is knocked back by Mike who comes down to Dan but is attacked by Russ.

Ira attempts to break up the fight but ultimately freezes in fright and June jumps atop Russ' back but is flung to the floor unconscious.

As Russ and Drew begin to beat away at Mike Ira seizes a stashed wine bottle of hers from under the sink and smashes it over Drew's head rendering him partly unconscious.

Angela comes to the Haston residence armed with a revolver.

Ira is punched and knocked out by an enraged, crazed Russ delusional with flashes of his rape back in Vietnam nad Paula's suicide and he smashes Mike's head in with a rock and kicks his video camera in his pocket aside before being shot down by Angela who then leaves the scene.

The film ends with the aftermath of Dan, June, Ira and Angela in their seperate places mourning Mike's death and the authorities presenting Dan and June with a tape from Mike's camera which is of him and Dan in high school and him confessing he has a major yearning for him as well as present day footage of him, June, Dan, Paula and Angela.


  • Brad Pitt as Michael "Mike" Harlow
  • Topher Grace as Dan Haston
  • Dominic Cooper as Stalk Fairlow
  • Jennifer Lawrence as June Haston
  • Joel Edgerton as Russell "Russ" Haston
  • Sam Shepard as Dr. Drew Haston
  • Holland Taylor as Ira Haston
  • Katie Holmes as Dr. Angela Palamenteri
  • Creed Bratton as Roger Palamenteri
  • Lynn Redgrave as Julianne Palamenteri
  • Colin Hanks as Thomas Palamenteri
  • Sarah Paulson as Paula Harlow
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