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Microraptor species

The example species of Microraptor that now exist in modern North America.

The North American Microraptor Disaster is an event that occurred due to people bringing back extinct Microraptor species and bringing formerly fictional Microraptor species from films, books, etc (Prehistoric Park, etc) and accidentally introducing them to the modern North American environment.


Depending on a species, Microraptor can be either about the size of a small quail to about the size of a very large turkey. While most species have feathers, only one species have only scales covering its body. Some species of Microraptors have very outdated-looking pronated hands that most other Microraptors species don't have. Some species of Microraptors have a very shrink-wrapped-looking appearance like many of the All Todays animals (reptilian elephants, etc), despite having muscles, etc. All known species of Microraptors are very docile and seem very tame towards any sapient species/beings, but are predatory towards native arthropods and other smaller animals. While (most) feathery species of Microraptors can glide, few Microraptor species such as the featherless scaly Microraptor and the ground Microraptor are completely flightless (or glideless) and are fully terrestrial.

Impact on modern North America's environment

Ever since many species of Microraptors have been brought to modern North America's environment, they have some serious impact towards some native species. Most species are carnivorous, which means they prey on native arthropods (insects, spiders, scorpions, centipedes, millipedes, crustaceans, etc), small fish, frogs, small reptiles, small birds, eggs, small mammals, carrion, etc, but this doesn't effect native small animals of most species, with the exception of few such as William's alligator lizards, which are endangered because of Microraptors. The Microraptors are also adapting and flourishing very well into a life in the city, developing faster reproductive systems, being able to find city-dwelling prey items they could hunt, able to build nests well in cities, etc, making them very adaptable among the resurrected non-avian dinosaurs. Just like the already-invasive Mocking Rahonavis, the Microraptors of most species often steal birdhouses from native modern birds to make these shelters their own homes and even nests for the mothers.

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