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Compsognathus species

The example species of Compsognathus that now exist in modern North America.

The North American Compsognathus Disaster is an event that occurred due to people bringing back extinct Compsognathus species and bringing formerly fictional Compsognathus species from films, books, etc (Jurassic Park, etc) and accidentally introducing them to the modern North American environment.


Depending on a species, Compsognathus can be either small chicken-sized or large turkey-sized species. While most species have scales, many other species also have feathers very much like that of birds, which are one of the only native modern dinosaurs of present day Earth. Some species of Compsognathus have very outdated-looking pronated hands that other Compsognathus species don't have. Some species of Compsognathus have a very shrink-wrapped-looking appearance like many of the All Todays animals (reptilian elephants, etc), despite having muscles, etc. Many species of Compsognathus are very docile and seem very tame towards any sapient species/beings, but few like Jurassic Park Compsognathus can rarely be aggressive towards sapient species/beings only if they're threatened or scared.

Impact on modern North America's environment

Ever since many species of Compsognathus have been brought to modern North America's environment, they have some serious impact towards some native species. Most species are insectivorous, but this doesn't effect native arthropods of any species. The more predatory species like Jurassic Park Compsognathus, however, can attack and kill species about as large as a human/domestic dylanus, making them a threat towards some native populations of mule deer, whitetail deer, young elk, etc, but can also prey on nonnative wild boars, etc. Many species such as the omnivorous Land of the Lost Compsognathus are adaptable in many cities, towns, suburbs, etc, as they reproduce fast (like all Compsognathus species) and they tolerate many disturbance from sapient species/beings, and because of the Land of the Lost's Compsognathus' adaptabilities, their varied diet (able to feed on insects, spiders, daddy longlegs, fruit, vegetables, wheat, flour, crackers, chips, raw meat, fish, yogurt, pasta, ice cream, etc), and intruding into homes, etc, many sapient species/beings view them as pests. Compsognathus of many species also compete for food with many insectivorous birds such as native American sparrows (not including nonnative house sparrows of Eurassia, which are flourishing despite Compsognathus), finches, canaries, most species of cardinals, etc.

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