There’s no other witnesses, just us two. That’s the thought that ran through Bill Cipher’s mind as he stared at the dead man in front of him. I just murdered my brother. And Mabel saw it all.

At the doorway was a girl, staring in shock, surprise, and… fear? Bill had never known the emotion called “fear”, and therefore didn’t know what the expression looked like. Bill looked back at his brother. Why did I do this? He thought. He was the only relative I had. Sure, Bill had been jealous. After all, for weeks he and his twin brother, Will, had been fighting over Mabel. But did he really need to kill Will? It was just a petty argument. But that’s not how Bill had seen it. And now, Mabel probably hated him. If she didn’t, she was at least deathly afraid of him.

Bill turned towards Mabel. Her heart was pounding in fear. She started to turn away and run, perhaps to get her brother, but Bill grabbed her and clutched her to him. Mabel started to scream, but Bill covered her mouth.

“I won’t let anyone else have you, Shooting Star!” Bill yelled. “Nobody deserves you more than I do!”

“Let me go, Bill!” Mabel replied.

“No! You’re just gonna leave me!” Bill shouted. “And I’m never gonna let that happen!”

To be continued...

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