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No Contest is a 2014 American action thriller film and a remake of the 1995 film of the same name.


In LA, Holly Stewart is hosting the Miss Galaxy beauty pageant at a large concert hall. Holly is secretly still reeling from the death of her husband, police officer Tommy Stewart, who was killed in the line of duty by an uncaught criminal. Also present at the contest is US Senator Don Wilson. 

Soon enough the competition gets under way, but is unexpectedly interrupted by a gang of ruthless criminals led by 'Oz.' Oz has his men take the audience, judges and contestants hostage. Holly escapes by hiding in the bathroom, having been in there crying over Tommy. Oz gets in contact with the local authorities and states his demands; a ransom of diamonds for the safe release of his captives and two helicopters for escape. 

Holly is found by one of Oz's men, but she uses the self-defense training that Tommy gave her to fight him off and ultimately kill him. Taking his weapon, she hides and overhears a conversation between Oz and one of his henchmen, revealing his plan to murder the hostages once he has escaped the building. She then realises that she is the hostage's only hope of survival.

Soon, police sergeant Crane arrives on the scene and tries to negociate with Oz, but is unsucessful. He and his colleagues learn that Oz is in fact master criminal Raymond Ulysses Brice, a wanted fugitive. Meanwhile, Oz rigs the concert hall to blow once he has fled, while his men are taken out one by one by Holly.

Eventually, Holly manages to evacuate all of the hostages while Oz tries to flee in one of the helicopters. The explosives detonate and destroy the second helicopter, killing most of Oz's remaining men. Outside, the police gather witness reports and learn that Oz boasted of killing a police officer in the line of duty a few weeks prior but was not apprehended. Holly hears this and realises that Oz killed Tommy. Crane reveals that they planted a tracking device on the chopper, so Holly takes off after him.

Holly tracks Oz and his remaining men to a warehouse and engages them in a shootout. Oz once again tries to escape in the helicopter, but Holly jumps onto the helicopter and manages to moor it on the Vincent Thomas Bridge. The helicopter crashes just Holly jumps onto the framework, watching as the burning wreck falls into the water. She sighs, relieved, when suddenly Oz reappears, having also climbed onto the framework, and attacks her. They wrestle and Holly reveals that Oz killed her husband; Oz responds by mocking them both. After grappling further, Oz slips and hangs onto the bridge for dear life. Feeling his grip loosening, he offers his hand to Holly, but she does not take it and the villain falls to his death. An exhausted Holly then awaits pickup by a police chopper.


Gemma Arterton - Holly Stewart

Eric Roberts - Raymond Ulysses Brice (Oz)


The film was followed by Face of Evil.