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Ninja Dragonets (Shitasakan in Japanese) are a fanmade all-female Pokémon species first conceived when a female mandarin dragonet mated with a male Greninja a long time ago.


A typical Ninja Dragonet has the same body shape and proportions as Bubbles from Splash and Bubbles, which the species was modeled after. It has two big pelvic fins that act as "hands", small transparent pectoral fins, a bright skin color such as green, pink, purple, or blue, and cartoonishly big eyes. Its snout vaguely resembles a puppy but is more fishlike.

In its hybrid form, which they can switch between at will, its pelvic fins become a scaled-down pair of Greninja arms matching the fin color. A scaled-down Greninja tongue also covers its mouth and wraps around its neck. There is a small, perfect white sphere above each eye and a pair of Greninja horns/ears. On its side, there is a green shuriken along with a sharp blade.

Ninja Dragonets are very friendly, happy, and playful, and love to be petted and carried around by their owners. They prefer to be in their fishtank most of the time, but can breathe through their skin on land. However, they have to live with humans due to being domesticated; they cannot survive on their own.


Ninja Dragonets are herbivores, eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains.

Pokédex info

  • Size: 1'2"
  • Body style: Fins.
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Egg group: Water 2 and Fairy.
  • Type: Water/Dark.
  • Gender ratio: 100% female.
  • Color: Various. When a Ninja Dragonet is obtained from the breeder or hatched, the color of that Ninja Dragonet is registered in the Pokédex as that color, and any other Ninja Dragonets will be registered as their color.
  • Category: Hybrid Pokémon.
  • Native region: Sinnoh.
  • Abilities: Torrent or Protean (Normal), Battle Bond (Hidden ability), Cute Charm (Event).
  • Evolutions: None.
  • Forms: Normal (resembling a recolor of Bubbles from Splash and Bubbles) and hybrid form (with added Greninja parts). The difference is purely aesthetic, except that in normal form, Mucus/Water Shuriken is grayed out and inaccessible and their Speed drops in exchange for higher Attack. Ones with the hidden ability Battle Bond can become Ash-Dragonet after defeating two opponents in battle.


  • They can learn every Pokémon move due to a mutation occuring in the very first Ninja Dragonet (but can still only have 4 moves at a time in the games). The only exception is mucus and/or water in attacks, as some can use only water, some can use only mucus, and some can use both. This also applies to kicking attacks for obvious reasons, but they can get around this with Transform.
  • Mucus and Water attacks like Mucus Pump and Hydro Pump are still both Water-type moves and do the same amount of damage, but mucus Water-type moves also decrease the opponent's speed.
  • The ability to breathe both in and out of water comes from the Greninja ancestor since frogs breathe through their skin.
  • In the games, it is not possible to catch a Ninja Dragonet in the wild due to being domesticated. Instead, it can be obtained by hatching an egg given by a breeder at the Pokémon Nursery, and further ones can be hatched.
  • Unlike Greninja, where Protean just changes their type, Ninja Dragonets with Protean keep the Water typing but the Dark typing changes, and their physical appearance also changes.

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