Nightwatcher is 2016 mystery-cyber thriller film


Three friends is in trouble after mistake send a sex tape of one of teenager's sister having make out with her boyfriend to the website. With the tape goes viral, the teenagers learn somebody hacker their computer and send video of their family to website for their revenge. But who?



  • TBA as Jacob TBA/A 15 years old boy who become a cyber's target after the tape of his sister and her boyfriend went to website
  • TBA as Jonathan TBA/Jacob's friend and a 14-15 years old boy 
  • TBA as Abby TBA/A 13 years old girl and Jacob's neighbor/love interest
  • TBA as TBA/Jacob's 19 years old sister's life is destroyed by her sex tape that goes viral
  • TBA as Detective TBA/A detective who got closer to TBA when investigates a cyber hacker and her viral tape



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