Nights into Dreams
Directed by David Kellogg
Produced by Robert Wallace
Chris Rogers
Written by Peter Michaelson
Screenplay by Eric Johnston
Story by James Rogers
Based on Characters Created by Sega of America
Starring Julia Roberts
Geoffrey Palmer
Music by Hans Zimmer
Robin Beanland
Cinematography Jamie Anderson
Editing by Marshall Havey
Michael Thau
Production company(s) Sega of America
Carnival Pictures
Michael Shires
Distributor Pentagon Pictures Distribution
Release date(s) September 26, 1997
Running time 110 Minutes
Language English
Gross revenue
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Nights into Dreams is a 1996 American adventure action film produced by Sega of America and Carnival Pictures and released on September 26, 1997 by Michael Shires Pictures.




  • Nights into Dream was released theatrically on September 26, 1997 in the United States and Canada, and September 19, 1997 in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


  • Although this movie was rated PG in the United States, it was rated U in the United Kingdom.
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