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Night of the Living Dead II is a 1988 psychological horror-thriller from the Silent Hill series. The film was directed by Shawn Troy and Maya Ripley, produced by Sam Neill, and written by Michael Davison. The film stars Sam Neill as therapist Charlie Newman, Sharon Shimmes as Kayla Newman, and George Fisher as Marcus "Blood-Lover" Kane.


The film stars Sam Neill as Charlie Newman and Sharon Shimmes as Kayla Newman, they are both therapist and are both haunted by a novelist named Marcus "Blood-Lover" Kane played by the new vocalist of Cannibal Corpse. The film is about the novelist and his therapists who are being told about his horror stories and all of them are true even his new novella, Rave II: Cold, which is about zombies being risen from hell and are killing off humans one-by-one, and eventually Marcus said that he will rape and kill people, and Charlie said he won't, but he does, said in the horror novella called, Charlie Newman VIII and he even killed people ten years ago, and even said so in the second book, Charlie Newman II, and writing descriptions of Charlie killing and raping people, and which he has to die with his wife to end his frequent nightmares.


  • Sam Neill as Charlie Newman
  • Sharon Shimmes as Kayla Newman
  • Nia Long as Sharifa Eastman
  • George Fisher as Marcus "Blood-Lover" Kane
  • Sarah Grem as Mary Johnston


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The film received very horrible ratings.

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