Night of the Living Dead: 2013 is a 2013 American zombie movie and a loose remake of the original 1968 Night of the Living Dead.


A group of rehabilitated juvenile delinquents are on their way home from a Scared Straight program when their bus is attacked by zombies and their driver and several teens are killed. The surviving teens make their way to a nearby farmhouse owned by a gay couple and their daughter and take cover inside. As the zombies become relentless and more members are killed, the survivors realize that no help is coming and that this zombie outbreak is nationwide.

Cast of Characters

  • Miranda Cosgrove as Jen (The lead character and a rehabilitated teen prostitute)
  • Carter Jenkins as Kevin (A rehabilitated out-of-control teen)
  • Cole Sprouse as Erik (A rehabilitated White supremacist)
  • Alyson Stoner as Hayley (A rehabilitated thief)
  • Jake Goldberg as Gabe (A rehabilitated out-of-control teen)
  • Tyler James Williams as Rocky (A rehabilitated gang member)
  • Danny Pintauro as Richard (The owner of the farm)
  • Rhett Giles as Jack (Richard's husband)
  • Debby Ryan as Alyssa (Richard & Jack's adopted daughter)richard as Logan (A rehabilitated out-of-control teen)
  • paig as Tiffanie (A rehabilitated bully)
  •  as Finn (A rehabilitated bully)
  • richard couch as Chandler (A rehabilitated pyromaniac)
  • brandon as Geoffrey (The driver of the bus)


Geoffrey - Mauled by zombies while investigating a dead body on the road.

Tiffanie - Eaten by zombies after panicking and running out of the bus.

Logan - Throat ripped out by a zombie after it bursts through the back of the bus. He quickly re-animates and is later shot in the head by Jack.

Chandler - Bitten on the leg by a zombie after he trips and falls while he and everyone else are running from the bus. He later re-animates (off-screen).

Finn - Eaten by zombies (off-screen) after they overturn and overrun the bus with him still in it.

Gabe - Throat ripped out by a zombie when it ambushes him while he and Kevin are getting weapons from the shed. He quickly re-animates and is decapitated with an axe by Kevin.

Rocky - Shot in the back by Jack when he snaps and tries to rape Hayley.

Alyssa - Bitten on the shoulder by a zombie after it bursts through a window. She later re-animates and is shot in the head by Jen.

Erik - Bitten on the arm by a zombie after it ambushes him in the basement. He then commits suicide by slitting his own throat to prevent his eventual re-animation.

Richard & Jack - Both mauled by zombies after sending the remaining 3 survivors to safety.

Hayley - Accidentally shot in the head after being mistaken for a zombie by a sniper.

Kevin - Mauled by zombies after they ambush him and Jen in a gas station.



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