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Night of The Demons 2 is 2012 comedy horror film and its inspired by the 1994 film of the same name and its the sequel to the 2009 remake, the movie starts Shannon Elizabeth, Megan Fox, Emma Stone, Sean Faris, Anthony Anderson and Rory Culkin.


During halloween, Nicole (Megan Fox), is going to throw a party at Hull House, her friends, Jack (Sean Faris), Jermaine (Rory Culkin), Avril (Emma Stone) and Daniel (Anthony Anderson) are guesting the party, when they arrive at the party with the other guest, Nicole tells them to go crazy, after this, she goes down to the basement and founds a skeleton on the floor, curious, she tries to get the golden tooth the skeleton has, but what she didn't know was that 2 years ago a young girl named Angela, did the same and because of that she became a demon, Nicole after trying to remove it, finally gets it, and returns to the party.

Later that night at about 12:00 in the night, the other guest leave leaving just Nicole and her friends, as they are still in the party, strange things began to happen, like doors opening alone, strange laughs in some places on the house, banging on the walls, nail squeaks in the roof and even Jack claims that he saw a young woman going upstaris, Nicole's friends start to get worried and Avril alongise Jermaine go on to see what was going on. They go up to the basement, when suddenly Jermaine falls from the leaders and brokes his leg, Avril screams and goes on to see him, when she ask him why did he felt, he replies that he saw the face of a strange creature in the darkness, then their other friends arrive and it is when the most bad things start to happen in the house.

After 3 hours of searching who or what was causing all the sounds and strange things in the house, Daniel gots angry and desperate this causes him to go out of the house, after that he goes to the small stock outside the house, when he arrives, he founds the young girl that Jack claimed to see in the house, when Daniel ask the girl her name she claims that Angela (Shannon Elizabeth) is her name, after a long conversation Angela ask Daniel if he wants to see something "incredible" and Daniel replies with a yes, suddenly Angela stands up and her face becames pale with big and sharp teeth, horns appear in her head and a big growl cames from her mouth, the scene isn't displayed and only the shouts of Daniel can be heard.

Back in the house, the rest of the remaining guest are thinking about what was happening there, suddenly Jack says that he knew something about the house, but was afraid to tell his friends about it, because he think it was just a history, after that his friends beg him to tell the history, and Jack begins saying that in 1925 on the same house a young Evangeline practiced alongside his best friend Louis black magic, and that during a séance something went wrong and that ocasionated demons to appear in the house, after that tale his friends start to laugh saying that maybe it was someone playing a joke on them, when a knock is hear on the door, Nicole and Jack go to see who was the person calling at the door, the door opens alone again and a laugh can be heard in the roof of the house, all of them go upstairs to see who was laughing and they found Angela, then she turns back at them and says "Don't go the party is just staring" and again she turns into a demon, the friends scared run away and Avril falls during her scaping, when she is about to wake up, Angela appears and starts to dismember her, turning her into a demon. The next scene shows the remaining friends hidding in a room, Nicole tells her friends that she was sorry for the party and for all the events and starts to cry saying she wants to go home, Jack says that everything is going to be ok and goes out to see, he shouts and says that it is allready day, but suddenly he is tackled by the demonized Avril who removes his face and eats his bowels, turning him into a demon.

Nicole and Jermaine run towards the house searching a place to hide in, they found a bathroom full with some strange symbols that alinates demons, Jermaine tells Nicole that everything is going to be ok and that they are going to go out of the house when this is over, Nicole replies saying that both of them are going to die over there and that there is no chance, Jermaine hugs her trying to calm her down, but she still cries. At 4:20 in the morning Jermaine and Nicole go out if the bathroom thinking the demons are gone, Jermaine takes a shotgun that was in a furnishing and Nicole founds a baseball bat, they both go upstaris to face the demons, when they arrive to the roof Avril, Jack and Daniel are there, the three of them jump on Jermaine but he is able to shot Avril and Daniel, Nicole is also able to hit Jack, after this both of them start to run waiting for the sun to rise, but the demons are behind them, after a long runing Jermaine is able to kill Avril and Nicole is able to harm Jack and Daniel, with just 3 demons remaining, they devise a plan to get out of the house alive.

At about 5:00 in the morning, Nicole and Jermaine are shown arming themselfs with knifes, rusty and sharp objects, a pair of swords that an armour on the house had and guns, then both of them go out and they are attacked by Jack and Daniel they are able to kill them after a long fight, just with 5 minutes remaining for the sun rising, Nicole and Jermaine try to open the main door, but they are unable too, suddenly both of them remember that Angela is still missing and the last scene shows Angela at their backs, both of them scream and the final scene is shown saying "Happy Halloween" with bloody and gory letters.


  • Shannon Elizabeth as Angela Franklin
  • Emma Stone as Avril Webster
  • Megan Fox as Nicole Johnson
  • Sean Faris as Jack Graham
  • Anthony Anderson as Daniel Becker
  • Rory Culkin as Jermaine Newman
  • Diaora Baird as Lily Thompson (Cameo)
  • Bobbi Sue Luther as Suzanne Red (Cameo)
  • John F. Beach as Jason Rogers (Cameo)
  • Michael Copon as Dex Thirlby (Cameo)
  • Edward Furlong as Collin Levy (Cameo)


The soundtrack of the film features some artist and bands from the 2009 soundtrack and adds new artist and bands, it is a mixture between Horror Punk, Gothic rock/metal, Deathrock, Heavy Metal, Electronic and Industrial music. It also contains some movie score.

Track listing

  1. Intro (Score)
  2. Cradle of Filth - Halloween (Misfits Cover)
  3. Ghastly Ones - Flying Saucers Over Van Nuys
  4. Skinny Puppy - Censor (Guru Mix)
  5. Night of The Demons (Score)
  6. Marilyn Manson - Putting Holes in Happines (Boyz Noize Remix)
  7. Zombie Girl - The Darkness
  8. T.S.O.L. - No Way Out
  9. 45 Grave - Evil
  10. Christian Death - Prayer
  11. Angela (Score)
  12. Shadows Fall - What Drives the Weak
  13. Wednesday 13 - Haunt Me
  14. Alice Cooper - Devil's Food/The Black Widow (Live)
  15. Rob Zombie - Demon Speeding
    NOTD2 Soundtrack

    Cover of the soundtrack.

  16. DeadbyDay - Blood Feast
  17. Misfits - Devil's Doll
  18. Sober (Score)
  19. Bauhaus - Spirit
  20. London After Midnight - Shatter (All My Dead Friends)
  21. Mandragora Scream - Brain Storm
  22. Mortiis - Underdog (Zombie Girl Remix)
  23. Type O Negative - Haunted
  24. End Titles (Score)


Reception for the soundtrack was positive and it has 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Reception & Release

Reception of the film was mixed to positive and many web pages gave it a 4 out of 5 starts rate, it currently stands a 69% at Rotten Tomatoes, this film was better recieved than its predecessor.

The film was shot in the London Frightfeast and it was shot in cinemas on October 27 2012, the film was released on video alongside its successor on February 2013.

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