Night of Horror 5 is a 20?? supernatural horror film and is the fifth and final installment of the Night of Horror franchise.

Plot Opening Sequence

Abby, Cake, Nicole and Kat were at Cake's house. They were deciding what video game to play and decided to play MK9. Nicole didn't want to claiming that she hates all that torture porn shit. Kat asked Cake if he could use the bathroom. After Cake allowing him to, Kat went to the bathroom.

There he saw a shadow behind the shower curtains. He opened them up and the killer wearing a homemade paper mask, quickly grabbed the curtains and tied them around Kat's neck. He started chocking him as Kat struggled. Kat stopped struggling once the killer impaled a tooth brush into Kat's liver.

Abby, Nicole and Cake all heard the screams. They stopped playing. They were about to go check on Kat when suddenly the door bell ringed. Nicole answered it and was stabbed in the stomach by the killer. She fell to the floor as Abby and Cake started running away.

They hid themselves in Cake's room under his bed. They heard the killer footsteps in the room. Suddenly Abby was pulled out from under the bed. Cake ran out of the room. Abby fought with the killer until he grabbed a nearby book, shoved it hard into Abby's mouth causing her jaw to break. He then grabbed her and threw her out of the window. She got impaled with the fence.

Cake grabbed the phone and headed out to the back yard. The killer surprised him from outside and stabbed him in the stomach. Cake started crawling away. He threw his phone at The Killer's face, causing his mask to fall off. Cake was shocked to find out who the killer was. Suddenly the killer tied the water hose around his neck. The killer covered the end of the water hose then turned on the water hose. The water hose started getting tight around Cake's neck. It started chocking him, then crushing his neck. In his last breathe, the killer raised a mini shovel up high and stabbed it into Cake's head.

The victims were later found by the neighbors. Nicole was still alive, but in intense conditions so she was sent to the hospital in coma.

A Week Later

Jade has just visited Nicole from the hospital. She couldn't believe that the only other survivor of the original massacre, Cake, was dead. Jade recently had been going to therapy. Ming, Maybelle, Lilly, and Harmony decided to invite Jade to the House of Blues for a rock concert.

Jade was at her home with her mother, Claudia and brother, Vance. Ming, Maybelle, Lilly and Harmony arrived. They took Jade with themselves to the concert. Vance left as well leaving Claudia home alone. Claudia went to the bathroom to take a shower. Just as she was untying her robes, she spotted the killer in the dark corners. She was about to run away, but was slow and the killer caught her. He started stabbing Claudia with a kitchen knife several times before stabbing it into her mouth!

During the concert, Harmony was having sex with her boyfriend, Lane in the van. The Killer got in and stabbed Lane multiple times in the back and groain. Harmony tried to escape, but the killer caught her neck and started crushing it with his bare hands, killing her. When the concert was over, Maybelle, gave Jade a ride home while Lilly and Ming went their seperate ways.

When Jade arrived home, she was shocked to see her mother dead in a puddle of blood. She started crying and urged Maybelle to call the police downstairs in the kitchen. Maybelle was downstairs in the kitchen when the killer came from behind and hit her with a plate. Maybelle fell to the floor. She started calling for Jade, but before she could get up, The Killer threw the refregerator on her. She instantly died.

The Killer went to where Jade was. She escaped from the nearby window and landed on the grass. She started running towards the forest.

The Forest

After running into the Forest to get away Jade makes it half way through the Forest & sees a group of friends camping they introduce themselves as Tia, Ibbe, & Gamer they asked if Jade was lost Jade replied with no & told them have they heard about the killer that kills people they laugh & say that if that was true were is the killer minutes later a man in all black comes to the camp he sees everyone standing there he targets Gamer first which he kills by shoving him in the camp fire after that he goes for Tia who is being protected by Ibbe but the killer breaks Ibbe's hand & pushes him to the floor shooting him in the stomach.The killer makes Tia watch as Ibbe dies then has her beg for him to spare her she starts to beg when he pulls out a knife & shoves it right up her vagina killing her instantly with only Jade left he looks at her as to kill her when Rem shows up to keep Jade safe he fights the guy with his fist the guy comes forword to come after Jade when Rem starts fighting with the man tries to get Rem knocked out when Rem kicks the guy in the balls knocking the man down & revealing him to be Nova a Ex-Cop who went rouge Rem calls Nova a traitor & shoots him in both Eyes killing Nova. Rem tells Jade to go to the Police Station & wait there with his Mother Jade asks who his Mother is he tells her it's Iris.

Police Station

Rem takes Jade to the Station & goes to talk to his Mother Iris they talk & she goes to leave with him & tells Jade to stay there they will be back soon. At this time Lilly calls Jade to see if she is ok Jade says to Lilly that Rem killed the killer in the Forest so Lilly goes & looks up if any new deaths have happened she sees that two new deaths have happened sense one was a woman named Maria who got slashed in the chest & left for dead & another woman named Olivia was raped by her attacker then had her throut cut after Lilly says that they just recently happened Jade asked where they were killed Lilly replies with not that far from the Police Station so Jade busts the front door & walks out she calls Laurie to come get her Laurie shows up minutes later to take Jade home were here Brother Vance & his friend Vincent were waiting for Jade to come home.Laurie pulls into Jade's drive way when a man in black comes after Laurie. Laurie tells Vance & Vincent to take Jade & get out before the Killer targets Jade so Vance & Vincent grab Jade & get in Vance's car they hear Laurie scream the man in black opens the garage door & Vance tries to run him over but the killer moves out the way but grabs Vincent out of the car Vincent starts to beat up the killer when another killer shows up shooting Vincent in the legs Vincent tries to pull a knife but before he could gets tasered by both they shot him in the head then realise that Jade was gone so they turn around & look at Laurie who was not dead they attack her the second killer that appered saw a Bow with Arrows in the garage in Jade's house the second killer picks up the Bow sets a Arrow in it then lets go hitting Laurie in the eye with the Arrow Laurie having fell to the ground is then shot by the first killer who shoots her other eye they torture her some more before they put the gun in her mouth & pull the trigger.The killers leave to find Jade.They track her to the park were they try to find her.

The Park

Jade and Vance are hiding at the park when they notice the killers arrive. Jade texts DC, Rinna, Tina, Dinky, Iris, Farah, and Theo in hopes that together they can kill the killers. But to her shock, she notices one of the killers get a text right after she hit send. That could only mean someone she sent the text to was one of the killers. As the killers searched the park everyone arrived but Farah and Iris. When suddenly they heard screams. they ran out to see what happened and saw an unrecognizable corpse that was hacked and burned. Suddenly, one of the killers jumps out and bashes Rinna's head in. Tina being closest to Rinna tries to run but gets her legs cut off, DC and Jade, both being prepared for a fight, take out their knives. They thrust at the killer, but the killer dodges and stabs Dinky in the head. The Killer grabs Dinky's dead body and uses it as a shield. The killer wards of DC and Jade and slits Theo's throat. But not before Theo grabs the killers mask off revealing her to be Iris! Iris screams in rage. Now that they know, Iris decides to reveal who the unidentified corpse was, it was Farah, who Iris tricked into thinking she was an ally. Iris lunges at Jade and DC, but Tina, just barely alive, grabs her foot to trip her. As Iris falls to the ground she curses and slices Tina's face. Jade and DC go to Iris and stab her in the heart and head multiple times. Jade and DC are happy they killed one of the killers until they realized that Vance disappeared.

The Search

Penny, a New Waver, who was hiking through the forest found DC and Jade. She asked them if she could help them. They said that if she could help them find Jade's brother and Penny agreed.

Penny, DC and Jade run to the abandoned cabin where they hear Vance's scream from underground. They find an entrance to the Cabin's secret tunnel and discover Vance and free him. Penny, Jade, Vance and DC escape through a trapdoor but Penny is stabbed and killed before she can escape too. Jade, Vance and DC hide inside an cabin bathroom. Jade hides, and DC, and Vance climb up onto the roof of the cabin bathroom to look for the killer, but the killer finds them first and beats DC severely. The Killer then finds Jade, but she gets free with the help of Vance and help DC. They flee and stumble upon the bridge from the first film.

They enter and Vance, DC hides, as Jade fights the killer. Vance momentarily distracts the killer. This buys Jade some time, and she manages to bury a bear trap into the killer's shoulder. DC then wraps one end of a chain around his neck, and Jade grabs the other end into the woodchipper, and the killer begins to rise up to the rafter that the chain is swung over, hanging the killer. But the chain breaks and the killer is set free, however the chain pulls the killer into the woodchipper, and DC stabs the killer in the chest with his machete. When sunshine comes, DC, Vance and Jade were all sitting the dock near the lake, obviously all shocked. Jade then drops the machete that DC had used to kill the killer into the lake and begins to cry. Then, all of a sudden, just as they are about to leave, the killer rips through the dock and grabs Jade!

They struggle against each other, before Jade kicking the mask off the killer. It was Rem!

The Hospital

Jade escaped from Rem. She quickly went back to the dock with DC and Vance. They started running away. When they reached the road they asked a ride from a guy named Brick. Brick took them to the hospital. There, Nicole assisted Jade, Vance and DC. Leslie another nurse also assisted Jade. When Leslie went to the drug center in the hospital she couldn't find any other doctors. A nearby door opened. A patient named Kuru came out. Blood was coming out of his mouth!

He reached out for Nurse Leslie, but fell to the ground instead and died. Suddenly out of the room, came Rem! Rem picked up Leslie and impaled her on the top of a nearby fake plastic mini tree. Leslie stopped struggling and she slowly died. There was a red alert in the hospital. Nicole went out of the room where Jade, DC and Vance were. She saw Rem with a hospital knife approaching them. She quickly went back into the room. She hid herself and Jade, Vance and DC in the bathroom that was in the room. Brick stayed outside it to fight Rem. Rem easily killed Brick by slashing his stomach wide open and letting his organs fall out until he died.

Rem left the room thinking that on one else was in it. A group of the only people left in the hospital found Jade, DC and Vance along with Nicole. The group included of doctors, Drew, Pablo, Kirby, Marcel and Nurse Fiora. Drew said that they would need to escape through the Hospital's basement. A chill came down Jade's spine as she remembered what had happened to Bog in the basement years ago!


As soon as they entered the basement, they found a patient in there named Lorna laying in a puddle of blood with ripped out eyeballs. They also found Ming hiding there. Suddenly Rem came out of a dark corner! He snapped Marcel's neck before getting a hold of Nurse Fiora and bending her in half with his knee, breaking her spine!

Drew, Pablo, Kirby, Ming, Jade, DC, Nicole and Vance all started running downstairs of the basement. When they got out they stopped a empty school bus that was being driven by a guy named Quinn.

Final Battle

The group all entered and went to the back of the bus to discuss their problems in private. Rem also got in the bus but he was behind everyone else so no one saw him. As Quinn was driving, he was stabbed by Rem in the neck. Quinn crashed and the bus turned over. Jade and Rem fell out of the windows and into the shore of the lake under the bridge. There Rem fought Jade.

Rem stabbed Jade in the stomach. She fell to the lake and the lake took her body. Rem had just won the final battle. He had killed the only survivor left of the original massacre. A true killer right out of the movies...


  • Kristen Bell as Jade
  • Vadhir Derbez as Rem
  • Seth Rogen as Cake
  • Michael Cera as DC
  • Torrie Wilson as Nicole
  • Ciara as Laurie
  • Allison Mack as Lilly
  • Roselyn Sanchez as Iris
  • Rupert Grint as Madkat
  • Jensen Ackles as Vance(Jade's Brother)
  • Lita as Fiora
  • Pitbull as Pablo
  • Justin Timberlake as Straw
  • Deidre Hall as Claudia(Jade's Mother)
  • Nina Dobrev as Tia
  • Ian Somerhalder as Ibbe
  • Rihanna as Rinna
  • M. Shadows as Marcel
  • Laura Vandervoort as Tina
  • Justin Hartley as Drew
  • Stacy Keibler as Olivia
  • Kiefer Sutherland as Dinky
  • Christina Aguilera as Maria
  • Vin Diesel as Vincent
  • Mary Lynn Rajskub as Farah
  • Nick Jonas as Lane
  • Vanessa Hudgens as Harmony
  • Jared Padalecki as Gamer
  • Julia Stiles as Penny
  • Rowan Atkinson as Nova (Killer that killed Mist)
  • Erica Durance as Lorna
  • Brock Lesner as Brick
  • Eva Longoria as Leslie
  • Ryan Reynolds as Kirby
  • Queen Latifah as Maybelle
  • Ricky Martin as Theo
  • Britt Robertson as Ming
  • Blake Griffin as Kuru
  • Scout Taylor Compton as Abby
  • Colin Farrell as Quinn


  • Kat - choked, before being impaled in liver with toothbrush
  • Abby - jaw broken and impaled with fence
  • Cake - choked, neck crushed and impaled in the head
  • Claudia - stabbed several time
  • Lane - stabbed to death
  • Harmony - asphyxiated
  • Maybelle - crushed by refrigerator
  • Gamer - burned
  • Ibbe - hand dislocated and shot in stomach
  • Tia - stabbed in the vulva
  • Nova - shot in eyes
  • Maria - slashed in chest; bleeded out
  • Olivia - sliced throat
  • Vincent - shot to death twice
  • Laurie - arrow in the eye
  • Farah - hacked and burned
  • Rinna - head bashed in
  • Dinky - stabbed in head
  • Theo - throat slit
  • Tina - legs cut off and sliced in face
  • Iris - stabbed in heart and head multiple times
  • Penny - stabbed to death
  • Kuru - unknown
  • Leslie - impaled on fake Christmas tree
  • Brick - stomach slashed
  • Lorna - eyeballs ripped out
  • Marcel - neck snapped
  • Fiora - spine snapped
  • Quinn - stabbed in the neck

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