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<span style="color:rgb(0,0,0);font-family:sans-serif;line-height:19.200000762939453px;">Construction of the Anville Farmhouse began on May 1st, 2009 and finished on October 1st, 2009.</span>
<span style="color:rgb(0,0,0);font-family:sans-serif;line-height:19.200000762939453px;">Construction of the Anville Farmhouse began on May 1st, 2009 and finished on October 1st, 2009.</span>
#Hey Boys and Girls (Truth of the World)- Evermore
#Jump Into The Fog- The Wombats
#Dans Mon ile- Henri Salvadore
#Dans Mon ile- Henri Salvadore
#Wondrous Place- Billy Fury
#Wondrous Place- Billy Fury

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Night Of The Living Dead is a 2012 American horror film remake of the George A. Romero 1968 classic of the same name which is considered as the first official zombie film of all time.

The remake is written by J.J Abrams and is directed by Brett Ratner starring Lily Collins, Zoë Saldaña, Blake Lively, Jason Bateman, Columbus Short, Henry Cavill, Stellan Skarsgård, Bob Geldof and Steve Carrell.

The film contains the highest budget of all the Night Of The Living Dead remakes and is the sixth remake overall.

The film was shot in Hillsborough, New Hampshire and was released theatrically on May 31st, 2012 and released on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc on October 22nd, 2012.

It is rated R for Intense horror violence and gore, some sexual content and language.

Night Of The Living Dead is distributed by Warner Bros, Lionsgate and Dark Castle Entertaiment.

The film was awarded with Empire and Saturn Award Nominations for Best Horror/Thriller 2012 losing out to Joss Whedon's The Cabin In The Woods, the film however did secure a Saturn Award for Best Lead Actress Horror/Thriller: Collins, Best Actor Horror/Thriller: Jason Bateman, Best Supporting Actress Horror/Thriller: Blake Lively and Best Supporting Actor Horror/Thriller: Bob Geldof.

The film went on to also secure two BAFTA Nominations: 1. Best Actress: Lily Collins and 2. Best Supporting Actor: Bob Geldof.

The film was met with praise from critics and audiences and Roger Ebert gave the film 4 out of 5 stars praising its creepy atmosphere, powerful performances, actually suspensful re-telling and the intelligence of the zombies, crediting it a remake which in many ways surpasses it's original and the following other previous reincarnations of it.

The film was put down in Peter Travers of the Rolling Stone along with Empire put it down in the top 250 Horror films of all time, Best Horror Films of the New Decade and Best Horror Remakes of All Time.

George A. Romero joined the production late as an executive producer having been incredibly impressed with the script and those involved.

He like Wes Craven on Dennis Illiadis' The Last House On The Left praises the film as a remake which in many ways surpasses the original.


The film begins with the Strenchov family in the sleepy, New Hampshire farming town of Greening undergoing a horrific car accident as a lumpy faced little girl runs out before their vehicle.

The car crash only leaves Strenchov 19 year old daughter Barbara and her only months older brother Paul alive.

Their 23 year old sister Diane and parents perish as the overturned family car explodes killing them.

After the explosion whilest Paul by cell-phone is calling the police Barbara comes to the body of the disfigured little girl which is on the side of the road.

We then come to the funeral of the Strenchov family and of the little girl identified as Juliet Mason whose ecstatic father Rob requests she not be buried but rather cremated.

We then follow on four months later where we meet Barbara's bestfriend Maria and a squabling couple Abby and Jensen Cook, local doctor Hampton Phillips, Visiting Boxer Julius Price and lonely accountant, widow and farm-propietor James Anville.

Then we come to Barbara and Paul who visit the local Greening cemetary to pay their respects to their sister and parent's graves.

Barbara brings up with Paul this feeling she's been having ever since little Juliet Mason ran across the road and caused their car to crash that something's coming.

Paul then mocks her with that little Juliet is coming to get her before brushing her off and assuring what happened was a tragedy and little Juliet Mason concocted a horrible disease and unfortunatley passed on.

Barbara becomes angry with Paul and abandons him at the cemetary taking off.

Paul is then approached by Rob Mason who tells him she's right and that the fools from the mortuary refused him from having his daughter cremated as his recently deceased wife and Juliet's mother had overuled and decided in a proper burial.

Juliet's body in her grave then rots away and a horrible liquid passes through the earth between all the graves in the cemetary and brings forth the undead.

Former Greening mechanic Bill Prixton arises from his grave and snaps Rob's neck from behind onto the side.

Paul then runs down the dirt road overpass and is eventually ran into by Bill and a horde of the undead.

Bill bites into his jugular and the rest shred his skin.

From there we come to Barbara at her and Paul's residence where she is with Maria.

Their neighbours Abby and Jensen are having an argument next door in which Jensen leaves and drives off to his bestfriend James' farm property.

Abby then joins Barbara and Maria but Barbara tells she can't stay as Paul hasn't been home for eight hours and she has to go out and bring him home.

Maria suggests that his probably out at the downtown pub dealing with his issues and tells Abby she can stay with her the night if she wishes.

We then see all of the undead from the Greening Cemetary attack the town and kill and convert everyone in the town.

They first begin their town massacre with the post-office propietor Matilda Lockson and her daughter Janet who runs out into streets upon having her side ripped open by the Bill Prixton zombie, as she stumbles out onto the street before a young couple and a group of others she converts and attacks, followed by Bill Prixton and the horde of other zombies.

Barbara, Maria and Abby are attacked and Maria has a scratch dealt to her hand whilest Abby takes a clawing across the left arm.

They escape in Barbara's truck who drives out of the town to the hills where they come to the property of James Anville.

There they are brought in by James, Dr. Hampton, Boxer Julius Price, Greening's local homeless madman preacher Al Jennings and Abby's boyfriend Jensen who are all holding up weapons.

They ask to see wether they have sustained any injuries from the people out there, they check Abby first and find her arm claw marks and state that she has to be placed in the basement despite Jensen's objection.

Maria upon witnessing the commotion hides her arm scratch with a cloth and claims and only Julius sees the scratch and claims she is clean out of having an interest in her.

They finally check Barbara and determine she too is clean.

Crazy Al soon from there disappears and the group explores the whole house, including the basement where they pass a thrashing Abby bound in chains.

What follows is a nightmarish night as all the town turned into the undead as well as all the risen undead from Greening cemetary surround the boarded up farmhouse of James Anville and attempt to bust their way in as Maria and Abby transform into the undead.

Jensen unchains Abby from the basement and is bitten on the neck by her which in makes his eyes go bloodshot and him become one of the undead.

Unlike Maria and Abby he does not possess incredible resistance to the virus and within a period of 10 minutes becomes one and opens way for the surrounding undead to come in.

Leading zombie brute Bill Prixton breaks his way into the house and attacks.

He bites James' shoulder and is then killed by Boxer Julius Price who blows his head apart with a shotgun.

Dr. Hampton is then attacked by his wife Meredith and converted almost instantly upon being kissed.

He is about to be killed by Julius but his face rots away and his body drops to the ground.

Julius then kills Meredith and he, James, Barbara and Maria lock the rest of the zombies out.

After this James comes up with an idea to ward off the surrounding zombies and hopefully decimate a large quantity of them.

He states that two must accompany him in sneaking outside to the barn to collect the barn fire extinquesher and at least five of the gasoline tanks out there.

From there they will drive the truck around the house spilling out the gasoline tank contents across the ground and with at least three molotov cocktails set ablaze a fiery perimeter.

Maria and Barbara volunteer to be the two assistants and James, Maria and Barbara sneak out the barricaded lower floor backdoor.

They set off the plan and the horde pursues.

Maria throws out the molotov cocktails through the passenger seat window as Barbara in the back of the truck pours over the gasoline tanks and James drives the truck.

A skinned Paul zombie is able to jump into the backseat with his sister Barbara and attack her.

A Rob Mason zombie rips the passenger seat door off and throws out Maria.

Maria runs to the barricaded front door and calls out to be let in and whilest Julius runs for the front door she is hoisted up by the throat at which point she drops the last molotov cocktail as Barbara runs forward having killed her brother Paul's zombie with a switchblade (lodged in the head).

Barbara pours the last gasoline tank down upon him and Maria dispenses the cocktail setting him alight.

Julius defies the others inside the opens the door as James comes to them and all three stumble into the house.

The group then demands to see the three's bodies to determine wether they have any cuts or bites from the outside horde.

They check James and Barbara determining them clean and check Maria seeing her cloth wrapped arm.

Upon pulling away the cloth see the bite mark from earlier that night and demand she be locked in the basement with Abby.

Julius wrestles with the group over Maria and Maria then deteoriates into nothing before the eyes of James, Julius and Barbara.

James then asks Barbara and Julius to lock him out with the rest of the undead as he was bitten by Bill Prixton.

James then cocks his shotgun and tells him to get out however Barbara tells him he is staying here and he'll be fine.

She kisses him passionatley.

Julius then tells him he can't risk it and tells them they both must get out with the rest.

James then goes to advance Julius and is shot in the chest.

Julius then chases Barbara around the house until as the zombies come inside, amidst all the commotion of the invading undead Crazy Al who vanished earlier storms in and stabs Julius in the back allowing Barbara to finish him by stabbing him with a kitchen knife in the front.

Barbara and Al then lock the running in undead back outside and barricade up every window and burn the dead bodies of the others then extinqueshing them with the upstairs fire extinquesher.

Barbara tells Crazy Al that the body of Abby is missing and then she hears blood dripping in Al's direction then asks him as to where he disappeared to earlier.

Al stops and drops the glass shard on him which releases blood droplets which become black and burn away like acid on the floor.

He paces back and forth and finally answers Barbara's question after she sternly asks the question a second time.

He tells he knew that this was coming, doomsday where the selfish, self-absorbed sinful living of the Earth would be reborn in death and the world would perish as their souls would become the advanced representations of their evils.

He tells his sinful curiosity lead him down into the basement to look into the eyes of the evil they were holding captive and he as punishment had been knocked too close and been claimed.

Barbara then claps her glass shard tightly and Al begins to slowly morph into one of the undead whilest slowly advancing towards Barbara.

Barbara tells Al to back off and he claims it is too late and the world like the small backwater town of Greening will perish at the great, powerful evil which has come to claim them.

Barbara steps into the light of a booby trap set up by James which has a bucket of sulphuric acid above which Barbara tricks a completely turnt Al into running into to which she pulls the rope to release the bucket's contents upon him.

Al's zombified body and face melts away and he burns away as the wooden floor below him collapses and he is sucked away.

A noise sounds from the kitchen and we see Abby briefly in the kitchen pulling forth a concealed pistol and then coming back to Barbara we hear a gunshot as she runs into the kitchen out of sight.

The sun then comes out and the rest of the undead outside deteoriate away.

She leaves and as she walks outside she deteoriates as her and James' passionate kiss converted her.

The final scene shows little Juliet Mason from the beginning arise from her grave and as she steps out onto a road and is picked up by a truck driver have her eyes gleam signalling she is one of the horrific undead.



  • Lily Collins as Barbara Strenchov
  • Zoë Saldaña as Maria Tatum
  • Blake Lively as Abigail Cook
  • Jason Bateman as James Anville
  • Columbus Short as Julius Price
  • Henry Cavill as Jensen Cook
  • Stellan Skarsgård as Dr. Hampton Phillips
  • Bob Geldof as Crazed Homeless Saviour Albert Jennings
  • Steve Carrell as Rob Mason


  • Mackenzie Foy as Juliet Mason
  • Chad Lowe as Paul Strenchov
  • Ebony Jo-Ann as Grandma Cecille Tatum
  • Maureen Lipman as Jeanine Strenchov
  • Randal Kleiser as Corbin Strenchov
  • Bruna Matsin as Jeanine Cook
  • Jamie Bamber as Roster Cook
  • Rockmond Dunbar as Albert Tatum
  • Tempestt Bledsoe as Lara Tatum
  • Julius Carry as Jonas Tatum
  • Beverly Johnson as Samantha Tatum
  • Eric Peterson as Earth
  • Derek Mears as Bill Prixton
  • Phyllis Smith as Meredith Phillips
  • Montana Marks as Diane Strenchov
  • Paul Guilfoyle as Truck Driver
  • John Pankow as Neighbour Burt Watson
  • Richard Edson as Dead Tumnus Kirk
  • Michael Badalucco as Principal Embry Jamieson
  • Donna Pescow as Tina Jamieson
  • Yunjin Kim as Kwan Irvell
  • Ben Falcone as Security Sergio Falcune
  • Efren Ramirez as Security Alexander Morris
  • Nancy Stafford as Serb's Salon Propietor Juliette Serb
  • Brad Leland as Banker Ronny Orson
  • Kris-Holden Ried as Dead Jonas Birmingham
  • Eddie Cibrian as Dead Thomas Ketchel
  • Sharlto Copley as Dead Lester Fawkes
  • Indira Varma as Dead Nancy Stans
  • Bokeem Woodbine as Dead Travis Burmester
  • Christina Moore as Dead Alice Barter
  • Susan Downey as Dead Rita Bennett
  • Victor Webster as Calvin Jamieson
  • Molly Sims as Shauna Rivenmore
  • Marisol Nichols as Alexandra Henning
  • Bingbing Li as Wiang Irvell
  • Erica McDermott as Model Sarah Alleyson
  • Boris Kodjoe as Dead Rufus Sewell
  • Asia Carrera as Gardener Nicole Llewis



Auditions were held throughout several states stretching from New Hamsphire to North Carolina and California.

Lily Collins on the insistance of others and her own drive to make it as a lead final girl in a big budget horror film (especially a remake of a cult classic) drove down to North Carolina when the casting call opened up shop there, after auditioning in person and delivering a video audition director Ratner and writer Abrams were more then satisfied with her portrayal.

Only a few hours later she received call that she had won the role of the lead Barbara and had been hired on to oversee the casting of the other lead characters of the film.

Second to be cast was Bateman, who Abrams wrote the role of James Anville with him in mind.

Bateman's agent was contacted but Bateman thought the project to be initially silly considering the premise of zombies and the other remakes being B-Grade standard.

However he was prompted to give it another look upon being informed Abrams of Lost, Super 8, Mission Impossible III fame would be helming the script and X-Men: The Last Stand director Ratner would be donning the directoing.

Auditions were brought to him in Rye, New York and he almost instantly won the role.

He was told following the finish of his performance he had won the role and had been asked to play off lines between his character and the character of Barbara to see wether he and Collins could give off a convincing, real dyanmic chemistry.

Next to win roles were Zoë Saldaña (who had previously starred in Abrams big Star Trek motion picture) and Gossip Girl, Green Lantern actress Blake Lively, who auditioned together.

Saldaña was asked to come in personally by Abrams for auditioning as he like with the character of Anville had wrote the character of Maria Tatum with an actor in mind, the actor being Saldaña.

Saldaña brought with her actress Lively to audition for the role of beautiful blonde Abby Cook as Lively had wanted to star in a horror film (one which would be her and one and only, inspired of how fellow Gossip Girl lead Leighton Meester had delivered a stint in 2009 horror film Killer Movie).

Both actresses upon finishing their auditions and reading off lines between their characters were not informed straight away wether they had got the parts.

Saldaña had been told that night she got the role and was instructed to tell Lively she had secured the part of Abigail.

Saldaña had then the following day set up an elaborate joke on Lively setting up a lunch scenario where she would have to break terrible news to her, implying she had not got the part but rather as she would come to believe she hadn't got the role would be surprised with a "you got the part!" Next to be cast was Columbus Short in the role of hot tempered paranoid Greening visitor Julius Price, a boxer from Chicago, Illinois.

He came in and auditioned for the role of Jensen Cook but had been politely asked by Abrams and Ratner to switch over to auditioning instead for the character of Price.

He then thanked for auditoning and after four more auditons for the characters of Cook and Price was contacted and told he won the part of boxer Julius Price.

Henry Cavill had then come in as the sixth audition for Jensen Cook and almost immediatley after had been told he has the part.

In casting two of the final three major roles apart from head Zombie horde leader Bill Prixton came revered actor Stellan Skarsgård and Hollywood A-List comedic actor Steve Carell (very famous for his lead role in the 40-year old Virgin and who had been asked to audition by friend Bateman).

The two actors came in to audition at the same time and played off the characters of Dr. Hampton Phillips and Rob Mason.

Originally scripted was that Rob Mason would be among the men barricaded in the Anville farmhouse but in a radical final change he was a character to die at the beginning before Barbara's older brother Paul.

He is still strangely credited as a main character and Paul Barbara's brother is not.

The major role casting concluded with the casting of veteran actor Bob Geldof who filled the role of Crazed Homeless Saviour Albert Jennings.

Geldof came to attention for the role as Abrams saw a viewing of Live Aid (1985) and he was asked to come in and audition in for Crazy Al.

Geldof expressed himself as a huge fan of the original 1968 classic and the major role casting concluded on September 10th, 2010.

The other cast member casting began on September 24th and concluded on November 2nd, 2010.


Filming began on January 23rd, 2011 in Hillsborough, New Hampshire which served as the town of Greening, New Hampshire a secluded rural farming town.

Filming wrapped on January 12th, 2012.

The Anville Farmhouse

The Anville Farmhouse which serves as the main set for nearly all of the film (the other appearing sets being the Greening Cemetary, local Greening shops, Church and character houses) was a built farmhouse, complete with barn and shed built over a course of six months.

Construction of the Anville Farmhouse began on May 1st, 2009 and finished on October 1st, 2009.


  1. Hey Boys and Girls (Truth of the World)- Evermore
  2. Jump Into The Fog- The Wombats
  3. Dans Mon ile- Henri Salvadore
  4. Wondrous Place- Billy Fury
  5. The Lambeth Walk- Gracie Fields
  6. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye- Ella Fitzgerald
  7. Foi Deus- Amalia Rodriques
  8. One For My Baby- Frank Sinatra
  9. Dust My Broom- Elmore James
  10. Love Thy Neighbour- Henry Hall
  11. Heartaches- Ted Weems Orchestra
  12. My God Is The Sun- Queens of the Stone Age (End Credits Song 1)
  13. I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire- The Ink Spots (End Credits Song 2)
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