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Nickelodeon Farsi Is A Persian TV Channel Of Nickelodeon. It Was Launched In 2004. The Other Channels Include Nick Jr. Farsi, NickToons Farsi, and TeenNick Farsi.



  • باب اسفنجی (SpongeBob Squarepants) (Aired Since Launch)
  • کاشفان جهان (The Backyardigans) (Aired Since 2014 and Also Aired On Nick Jr. Farsi)
  • توماس موتور مخزن و دوستان (Thomas and Friends) (Aired Since Launch and Also On Nick Jr. Farsi)
  • زندگی من به عنوان یک ربات نوجوان (My Life as A Teenage Robot) (Aired Since Launch, Also On Nicktoons Farsi)
  • داستان سبزیجات (VeggieTales) (Aired Since 2010, Also Aired On NickToons Farsi, Nick Jr. Farsi and TeenNick Farsi)
  • More Soon!


  • شهر تنبل (Lazy Town) (Moved To Nick Jr. Farsi After 2012, 2004-2012)
  • More Soon!


  • The Word Nickelodeon Is Translated To Persian.
  • This Is The Only Channel To Still Have The Orange Splat Bumpers and Pictograph Bumpers. Also Still Using The Nickelodeon Arabia Bumpers.
  • The On Screen Bug Is Just Nick Japan's 2005-2006 On Screen Bug.
  • The Format Is 4:3 (Fullscreen). Any 16:9 (WideScreen) Programs Aired Are Letterboxed.