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Nickelodeon (Taiwan) Is The Taiwanese Version Of Nickelodeon. It Was Launched In 2002. It's Almost Or Just Like HAHA Nick. But This Channel Doesn't Close Down. Nicktoons and Nick Jr. Were Also Launched In Taiwan On That Same Day.



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  • Unlike Nickelodeon In Real Countries, It Does Not Use The Current Logo.
  • The Screen Bugs Of Nick, Nick Jr, and Nicktoons is The Same As The UK Ones.
  • Any Newer Nick Series Aired Has The Old Nickelodeon Productions Plastering The New One.
  • Any Newer Nick Jr Show Has The Nick Jr. Productions Logo Plastering The Nickelodeon Productions Logo.


Splat (Version 1)

Splat (Version 2) (Also Used During The Orange Splat Era)

Splat (Version 3) (Used As Main Logo Since 2007)

More Logos Soon!