Nick and Jerrick
Nick and Jerrick Logo
Genre Animation, Black Comedy, Sitcom, Satire, Comedy, Dark Comedy
Created by Steven-Kun
Developed by Steven-Kun
Theme music composer Big G
Opening Theme "Nick and Jerrick Theme Song"
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 68 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Steven-Kun
Producer(s) Steven-Kun
Editor(s) Steven-Kun
Running time 20–23 minutes
Production company(s)

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Original channel

Adult Swim

Picture format 16:9 HDTV
Original run June 24, 2011-Present

Nick and Jerrick is an animated television series created by Steven-Kun. The main character of the series is Nick Lagory who is a twenty-year-old college dropout who moves to the fictional city of Rose Beach, Florida. Nick’s reason for moving to Rose Beach was mainly to start a new life as he could not face his family as a failure after dropping out of college. Nick then meets Jerrick Washington, another twenty-year-old who’s simply living his life the way he wants. The two somehow become the best of friends despite being complete opposites. The duo becomes roommates, taking up residents in the Grandcenter Apartment. The episodes of the show primarily follow the misadventures of both Nick and his best friend Jerrick and the other residents of the Grandcenter Apartments.

Events in the episodes of the series often parody the events of real-world news, carrying them out in a more humorous fashion. According to the show’s creator, Steven-Kun, he also wanted to emphasize the theme of friendship which was why the main characters of Nick Lagory and Jerrick Washington were created. Also according to the show’s creator the show’s concept was inspired by movies such as Friday and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle which both revolve around two friends as their adventures and that the comedy aspect of the show was inspired by other animated series such as The Boondocks.

Series 1 has 20 episodes, Series 2 has 23 episodes, Series 3 has 25 episodes and Series 4 has 25 episodes.


The first season of the show contained comedy originally inspired by that of Family Guy. After the first season the show's creator wanted to take a different approach with the plot of the show's episodes and it's drama. Instead of having what he felt was random comedy placed in the show, Steven-Kun chose to focus more on situational humor. This also met that most of the show's comedy would now hold relevance to the actual situation occuring within the plot.


Nicholas “Nick” Lagory has just dropped out of Harvard University and knows that he can’t return home as he faces the major disappointment of his family and small town. Nick flees to the state of Florida thinking that nobody would ever look for him there and heads to the city of Rose Beach. Upon arriving in the city Nick nearly runs over Jerrick Washington who is attempting to cross the street. Jerrick, enraged, begins to pursue Nick who is unaware that he is being chased.

Nick wanders into a bad part of town where he is consequently surrounded by thugs attempting to car jack him. When Nick is about to dragged out of his car and beaten, Jerrick arrives and saves him from the thugs. Nick and Jerrick then become good friends and later roommates as they rent out an apartment at the Grandcenter Apartments.


The setting of the show is the fictional community of Rose Beach, Florida which as its name suggests is located on a beach. The city is also famous for its diverse culture and roses which grow year around. Many people are said to relocate to Rose Beach because it is rather peaceful and because of the beach. Ironically, Nick was looking for a place that fit the description of Rose Beach but came across the city completely on accident.

The culture Rose Beach is very diverse with a variety of ethnic groups taking up residence within the city. There is also a fair amount of entertainment within the city as there are many nightclubs, parks, theatres, museums, and more. Most of the cities populace lives around the beach but in recent years the city has begun to branch out due to population growth.

Nick and Jerrick Shorts

Nick and Jerrick Shorts are a series of 10 mintues shorts. It features the Nick and Jerrick characters.

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  • Nicholas “Nick” Lagory is one of the two main characters of the series. He was originally born and raised in a small Kentucky town and later attended Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Nicholas eventually caved into the stress of the academics at Havard and dropped out of college. Nick then realized that he could not return home due to the fact that he was the first child in his town to be accepted into an Ivy League school and that his dropping out would be a disappointment to everyone. Nick fled to Florida as he thought nobody would ever look for him there and settled into the town of Rose Beach.
  • Jerrick Washington is one of the two main characters of the series. He was originally born and raised in Compton, California. At the age of sixteen Jerrick had gotten into a conflict with local gang members and his mother sent him to live with his grandfather in Rose Beach, Florida where he continued to reside. Jerrick’s grandfather died when he was nineteen and he was on his own. Jerrick later began to smoke marijuana as a way to make himself feel better and began to live the life of a stoner.
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