Nick Lagory
Full Name Nichalos Vincent Lagory
Nicknames Nick
Age 20
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 13, 1991
Status Alive
Place of Birth Unknown small town, Kentucky
Nationality American
Occupation None
Family Unknown

Nichalos Vincent Lagory mostly known as Nick is a fictional character in the American animated comedy series Nick and Jerrick. Nick was originally conceived to be the leader of the two main characters of the show and normally acts as the sensible and more intelligent half of the duo (despite Jerrick scoring over 200 points on an I.Q test).


Nick appears as an average young adult physically. He is a Caucasian male and stands at around 5'10 in height and has ear-length dirty blond hair and chesnut brown eyes. Nick's trademark is the hoodies that he always be seen wearing and according to Nick he has one in every color. Nick's body build is self-proclaimed average but he appears to be rather on the thin side as he is commonly mocked for his lack of body fat and/or muscle by the other characters on the show. Nick also appears to be rather sensitive and cares a lot about what others think of him. Nick's whole reason for never returning to his hometown in Kentucky was because he was afraid of what everyone would think of him. Nick often looks for ways to fit in around the community of Rose Beach, Florida.

Nick often comes off a bit bossy to the other characters (as a result of his insecurities). Nick will often assume control over situations without even realizing it. When it comes to his other feelings Nick attempts to hide them, especially when it comes to his love interests throughout the course of the series. Another bad tendency Nick may have is how he sometimes treats Jerrick. Linking back to his controlling persona, Nick often feels the need to treat Jerrick as his younger brother. Truthfully, due to the fact that Jerrick is his best friend (and really his only friend), Nick just cares about what happens to his buddy. Nick also highly dissapproves of Jerrick's habit of smoking marijuana.

in Nick the Famous, Sophie Prescott and Jerrick Washington found Nick is famous when Sophie, Jerrick and Nick found his books call "Play Your Games to me".


Jerrick Washington

Nick and Jerrick are simply put best buddies in the whole world despite their many differences. Being that Jerrick is the only real friend that Nick has, Nick feels the need to watch out for him as a younger brother. Throughout the course of the series Nick often recognizes Jerrick as the only real family member he has as he can no longer face his biological family.

Kurt Twombly

Nick shares a full-forced hate relationship with the manager of apartment complex in which he resides. As Kurt, often reformed to as Old Man Twombly by Nick, is always searching for rent money (or money in general) Nick often considers the senior aged man a nuisance. One of Nick and Jerrick's favorite past times is torturing Kurt through a variety of childish yet highly destructive pranks. Despite this Nick has been shown to hold sympathy for Kurt as has helped him in some situations.

Rachael Clawson

Nick secretly has a crush for Rachael and is afraid to admit it. The only person other than himself that knows about the crush if Jerrick but only because Nick told him. Jerrick often uses Nick's crush on Rachael as a means to successfully blackmail Nick. Nick's actual relationship with Rachael is an innocent friendship which he really wishes not to damage.

Sophie Prescott

Nick has falling love with Sophie when they first meet.

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