It is not uncommon at all for any species to change body form many times across their life-span. The ease with which they can do so depends on the continuity's technology level. In some, changing bodies requires an extensive full-body rebuild and tends to be resource-draining and even dangerous. Sometimes, however, all it takes is to transplant their brain or personality program into a compatible new body. Other times, the existing body itself will be "reformatted" on the spot using a scan of a local compatible alt-mode.

Getting a new body sometimes also involves getting a new name.


Bumblebee turns into a Urbana 500 after repairs.

Cliffjumper turns into a Dodge Challenger after upgrades

Jetfire turns into an Ann-225

The Three Seekers turn into F-22 Jets

Crumplezone becomes Sunstorm

Ransack turns into Acid Storm

Demon Generals gets reborn into Sith Transformers Bodies

Captured Jedi and Galactic Alliance Troopers gets turn into Death Troopers and Kaleesh Human Hybrids

General Grievous's body becomes a scary creepy evil Darth Grievous body

Transformers (like Shockwave) gets corrupted into serving the Sith

jedi gets seduced to the dark side and might have an alter of clothing when they become Sith Lords

Evilifier virus mutate things into evil creatures ready to attack

Any creature that hatches from chrysalises or cocoons became monsters serving evil

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