Neverland is a 2014 American-British Adventure fantasy-drama Television Series and is a prequel/re-imagining of the famous Disney character Peter Pan, inspired by the 2004 Peter and the Starcatchers book series. The series premiered on October 21, on the CW Television Network, and stars Robbie Kay as Peter Banning in his early adventures, showing how he came to be in Neverland as Peter Pan, before meeting Wendy Darling.


In this new origin story of Peter Pan, the series follows Peter Banning, a young mischievious orphan, in his adventures, alongside his friends, before his adventure with Wendy. As the series continues, Peter and his friends Molly and Jimmy discover a secret organization called the Starcatchers, who have vowed to protect a power source called Stardust and the chosen one known as "the Boy without Age" and learn of a mystical orb that leads them to discovering a mysterious Island. Adventuring through the island, Peter and his friends will go up against many evil creatures and villians, such as sirens and pirates, but also gain help from a tribe of indians a tree fairy, and learn to fly, as his good friend and former mentor, James Hook, becomes his arch-rival and learns more about his mother and why he was orphaned as young boy, all while heading towards his destiny as the ageless Peter Pan, leader of the Lost Boys, in the miraculous Island of Neverland.

Series Overview

The series can be depicted as a three-chapter series; Chapter 1 (Season 1-2) is about Peter's first adventures while in school with Molly and Jimmy, discovering the orb. Chapter 2 (Seasons 3-4) focuses on their first adventures in Mollusk Island as Hook descends even further to his evil destiny. The Final Chapter (Seasons 5-6) sees Peter learning further of the secrets his mother left for him, in his final trials leading to his destiny as the ageless Peter Pan.

The first season sees Peter, Molly, and Jimmy in London, during a school year, as they begin investigating the secrets of the Starcatchers, ending with Peter finding an ancient orb.

Season 2 begins after the orb is activated, in which Peter, Molly, Jimmy, and James find themselves in a strange island, containing strange creatures and an Indian tribe.

Season 3, Hook is lead to the edge of darkness as he joins Black Beard and his band of Pirates, who plan to take control of Neverland and kill the pixies, leaving it to Peter and his allies to stop Black Beard and their former mentor.

Season 4 sees Peter, Molly, and Jimmy returning to London with Neverland at peace, but are faced with a new threat when the Kawa prophecy predicts that Peter is to be killed by an ancient creature.

In Season 5, Peter learns more about his mother and her past as a Starcatcher, when faces a group of former Starcatchers, known as "The Others", who are lead by a former friend of Peter's mother.

In the sixth and final season of the series, years have passed, as the rise of a new darkness forces Peter to face his inner darkness, erupting faster and faster as his distraught of a grown up Molly married to George and the death of Fox, as he must finally take to the skies in order to conquer his destiny and save Neverland.


Main Characters

  • Robbie Kay as Peter Banning "Pan", a young and mischevious orphan, who was abandoned by his mother as a baby, who left him only with a pan flute and was mentored by an old friend of his mother's, James Hook. At the beginning of the series, he is a juvinile pickpocketer, but becomes less selfless and more bold as the series goes on. His friendship with James Hook turns into a rivalry after Hook betrays Peter, due to the mystery of the "stardust" and a mystical orb, in which they discover Mollusk Island, where he meets the ancient Kawa Tribe, who believe to be a chosen warrior "The Last Pan". Peter becomes close with a tree fairy he calls Tinker Bell, who assists him, but fails to learn how to fly until the final season. He is also a skilled swordsman, having been taught by Hook. While exploring the mystery of who his mother is, Peter must go through a series of trials, as he steps towards his destiny, realizing he doesn't want to grow up and belongs in Mollusk Island, renamed Neverland.
  • Freya Tingley as Mary "Molly" Aster, Peter's best friend and love interest of the series. She is the daughter to an ambassador, Leonard Aster, thus being very wealthy, and eventually learns of her father's role as a powerful Starcatcher, after learning of Stardust and the mystical orb. Traveling to Mollusk Island, she ventured with Peter and James, she learns to use her inherited ability to use Stardust. Though her adventures cause her romantic attraction to Peter grow, they are disrupted by her romantic attraction to her childhood friend George Darling, and the combination of Peter's unwillingness to leave Netherland, the fact she is growing older while he is not, and George's maturity causes her to ultimately stay in London, marrying George, and uses her original name becoming "Mary Darling". In Season 6, Tingley only portrays Molly in flashbacks.
  • Rachek Hurd-Wood as Mary Darling, the adult version of Molly of Season 6, taking place years after Season 5, going by her original name. Now married to George, she is the mother to Wendy, John, and Michael. After Wendy is captured by the darkness, she and Jimmy are reunited with their ageless friend Peter in order to save
  • Lestyn Darmanin as James "Jimmy" Smith, Peter and Molly's best friend from London and an orphan at St. Norberts, raised alongside Peter, being a big part of Peter's adventures and the discovery of Mollusk Island, and can initially be known as the first member of the original "Lost Boys". Like Peter, he was also taught by James Hook in swordsmanship, but was never as skilled, strong, fast, or agile as Peter. Like Molly, he eventually decided to leave Neverland and return to London, where he begins working at Scottland Yard.
  • Jeremy Sumpter as James Smith, the adult version of Jimmy of Season 6, in which he's working for Scottland Yard, recruited by Mary to recover the Orb and gain Peter's help in order to save Wendy.
  • Rhys Ifan as James Hook/Captain Hook, Peter's good friend/ally and mentor, who taught him in swordsmanship and watched over him as he grew up at St Norbert. He gained an obsession with the power of the Stardust, and stole the orb to find Mollusk Island, where he was attacked by pirates, but he defeated them and joined them, becoming Black Beards second-in-command, eventually overthrowing him, becoming the new captain. He revealed that he knew Peter's mother, and promised her he would make sure Peter stayed safe, wanting Peter to join him, but Peter refused, and in their final battle of the series, sliced off his hand, in which he had to replace it with a hook.
  • Cristin Milioti as Janette Logan, a caretaker at St. Norbert's Orphanage, who helped care for Peter and Jimmy. She often worried about Peter and his bad habit as a pickpocket, and very unfond of Hook, having a very bad feeling about him. She eventually learned about Peter's adventures and Mollusk Island. Though she was very heartbroken of Peter leaving, she accepted his leave, knowing he would do great things in this world and the other. Years later between seasons 5 and 6, she became a housemaid for the newly wedded Darling's, but sadly died soon after, due to illness.
  • Uriah Shelton as George Darling, Molly's childhood friend from London, who after years of traveling with his parents returned to London, soon after Peter, Molly, and Jimmy chased a Dark Force to England, where he and Molly reunited. Due to his feelings for Molly he felt threatened by Peter and the secrets she kept from him, but Molly told him of the mystical forces and Mollusk Island when the trio requested his help to hide from the darkness after Peter was severely injured. Though they were rivals for Molly's heart, Peter and George became good friends, departing in the final season in which George and Molly married in London, having three children, Wendy, John, and Michael, as his memories of Peter and Neverland slowly faded.
  • Charles Dance as Dr. Richard Fludd, the original Starcatcher, who discovered Mollusk Island studied it and it's many mystical properties, using them to make the orbs. After discovering the evils of Mollusk Island that wanted to use the fairies and their powers to cause chaos, enlisting people of Earth, including Peter's mother and Molly's father, to help him protect them. After being killed by Black Beard, he became Peter's mystical guide, using pixie magic to incase his soul inside mystic crystal, where he can communicate with Peter through thoughts.
  • Allison Mack as Tinker Bell, one of the many magical pixies that lives on Mollusk Island, who left Pixie Hollow to join Dr. Fludd and help him discover the mysteries of the Island. At the beginning of Season 3, she brought an amnesiac Peter to Fludd and fixed his memory. Before dying, Fludd assigned Tinker Bell as Peter's guardian, in which she has joined him in on all of his journey and is very protective of him, respecting Fludd's wishes. Peter refers to Tinker Bell as "Tink".

Recurring Characters

  • as Leonard Aster, the father of Molly Aster, and the leader of the Starcatchers, following Peter's mother, whome he worked with temporarily before she was killed. He was killed by Daigon the Starkiller, protecting Peter and Molly, but was later avenged by Peter.
  • Saffron Burrows as Louise Aster, the mother of Molly and wife of Leonard. Though she was not a Starcatcher, she knew of them and knew Peter's mother.
  • Ryan Kelley as Jason Mitchell, a photographer that befriended and fell in love with Janette between seasons 4 & 5, although keeping Peter's secret threatened their relationship. Soon after befriending Peter, he proposed to Janette and they married, but Jason was killed shortly after by Norman sanders, protecting Janette after learning Peter's secret.

Lost Boys

A group of orphans from St. Norberts that are very close friends of Peter's, who first travelled to Neverland when Peter had no other choice to save them, but to use the orb in order to escape a collapsing building. Since then they have joined them

  • Lorn Macdonald as Fox, Peter's closest friend from the orphanage after Jimmy, and second in command of the Lost Boys in their absence. He is very good in combat and swordsmanship, and is very fast, and the most rational and intelligent of the team, but was killed by Captain Hooks crew in Season 5, fending them all off alone, while protecting Molly, being stabbed shortly before Peter's arrival.
  • James Ainsworth as Tootles
  • Patrick Gibson as Curly,
  • Thomas Patten as the Twins, a couple of identical twins that constantly speak simultaneously.
  • Brandon Robinson as Slightly
  • Chase Willoughby as Nibs
  • Rosen Khan as Tubby Ted,


  • The Kawa Tribe is a tribe of Indians that assist Peter and his friends and help protect Mollusk Island. An ancient prophecy in the Kawa caves tells of th chosen one "The flying Pan", assisted by his guardian "The Birdwoman", who would emerge Mollusk Island out of the dark and into the light.
  • Gordon Tootoosis as Chief Piccany, the leader of the Kawa tribe and a great ally to Peter after believing Peter to be the chosen one of the Kawa prophecies.
  • Q'orianka Kilcher as Aaya "Tiger Lily", the daughter of Chief Piccany, commonly referred to as the princess. She is a close friend and ally of Peter's, as she was the first to claim Peter as the chosen one.
  • Dario Delacio as Olook, a large grumpy troll that was once an enemy of Peter's, but after the were both trapped in the Rundooons, they were forced to work together, becoming great allies, in which they have each aided each other in battle.
  • Kali Rocha as Maji, a mermaid who was once beautiful, but conceited and haughty until a spell she cast meant to enhance her beauty went horribly awry and turned her into a green-skinned hag. Molly befriended her, much to Peter's dismay, due to his concern that Maji was as dangerous as the other Mermaids, until he worked with her to save Molly, in which she became a close ally.


  • Hugh Hackman as Black Beard, the evil captain of a group of pirates, nicknamed for his long black beard. As the main villain of Season 3, he recruited Hook after Hook proved himself. During his final battle with Peter, he nearly killed him, but Hook saved Peter and killed Bkack Beard, becoming the new captain of the pirates.
  • Bob Hoskins as Mr. Smee, Black Beard's unintentionally hilarious bo' sun, who favored Hook as a leader over Black Beard. Smee is a very non-violent and oddly genial man, more interested in loot than either captains' more devious and evil intentions.
  • Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Norman Sanders/Daigon the Starkiller, the main enemy of Season 4. He is an ancient creature, half-human/half-monster, created long ago by the dark pixies, who sent him to Earth as a human, to rise as the creature and destroy the Starcatchers and conquer his destiny as the killer of "the Pan". Unaware of his transformations during his blackouts, Norman befriended Peter and had unrequited feelings for Janette, jealous of Jason. Peter used magic to separate the man from the beast, thinking the human side was worth saving, but it was the human side that killed Jason, as Jason killed him, while Peter battled the beast, destroying both halves of Daigon.
  • Nicholas Holt as General Tranz, the leader of a group of powerful and corrupt Starcatchers, known as the Others, who believe the power of the stardust is to be used for taking over Earth, but was confronted by both Dr. Fludd and Peter's mother, who imprisoned them in a magic crystal, that was destroyed during Peter's battle with Daigon, freeing Tranz and his army. Peter tried befriending them after discovering that in an alternate future experienced by Molly, they took over Earth. Peter believed Tranz to be a good friend of his mother's, which was true once upon a time. Though his army wanted to settle on Earth, Tranz wanted to control it, convincing his army that humans murdered one of their own, but Peter told them the truth and they turned against their leader as Peter sent them to an empty world they could rebuild as their own. He is the main enemy of Season 5.
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Shala, Tranz's second-in-command, wife, and mother of his unborn child, who only wanted peace for her people after being freed from the Crystal. She became close with Peter as she attempted a normal life on Earth for her and her sister, Thalia. She eventually realized Tranz did not want peace and confronted him, in which they both tried to change each other's mind. In his anger, Tranz choked her, killing her and his own unborn child.
  • John Glover as Lord Ombra, The Shadow King, a dark and powerful being that controls darkness and shadow, constantly appearing in a dark mist-like form. He is the main villain of Season 6, when the Portal that Peter created to send "The Others" to another world opened a doorway for Ombra to return to Neverland, centuries after being banished by Dr. Fludd and the pixies. Years after Molly returned to London, Ombra kidnapped Molly's daughter to use as a tribute, in which Molly requested Peter's help. Lord Ombra has the ability to manipulate shadows, stealing them to gain more power and controlling everyone whose shadows he's stolen. Before being destroyed in his final battle with Peter, he separated Peter from his shadow.
  • The Scorpion Tribe, an ancient tribe of evil warriors from the Rundoons, a mystical prison for dangerous creatures and warriors created by Dr. Fluff with Tinker Bell's help., who tip their weapons with poison.
  • Robbie Kay as Dark Peter/the Pied Piper, a former ghostly creature from the Rundoons, that took hosts bodies in innocent people, jumping from host to host, in search for the perfect host, in order to obtain a stable body. After absorbing Peter's DNA, he became an exact duplicate of Peter, just as skilled, with all of his memories and thoughts, but stronger and faster, with the ability to fly, but has a weakness of the Pixie Dust, as his face begins deforming when exposed.
  • King Kyros, the Ice King of the far frozen lands of Neverland where he rules a large ice tavern enslaving elf-like creatures to do his bidding, in his attempts to turn all of Neverland into his frozen lands, but is unsuccessful due to Peter's interception. He has the ability to generate beams of cold, able to freeze anything.


  • In the series, Peter constantly wears a combination of multiple shades of Green, a reference to his future outfit.
  • Robbie Kay was chosen for this role for his portrayal as a villainous version of Peter, "the Pied Piper" in Once Upon a Time.
  • Freya Tingley (Molly) has also been chosen for her role in Once Upon a Time, as Wendy Darling.
  • Rhys Ifan (James Hook) was chosen for this role due to his portrayal as Jimmy in the 2011 miniseries Neverland.
  • Peter initially has a rational fear of heights, a hint to his future ability to fly.
  • "Molly" is a traditional nickname for Mary, in which Molly's name is later revealed to be Mary, the same name as the Darling children's mother.
  • George Darling was originally set to be portrayed as in adult in the final season, but was reconciled to be play a teenage role, due to his line in the 1953 Peter Pan film, in which a cloud resembling Hook's ship passes over and he states "I think I remember seeing that ship, a long time ago, when I was very young."
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