"Neverland"/"The Lost Boy" is a two-part crossover event for the two American crime dramas, Law & Order: New Orleans and Law & Order: Dallas, (this marks the second crossover event after the Supremacy/Homecoming event). This new crossover is set both the twentieth episodes in New Orleans 14th season and Dallas 6th season.


Krampus/ Seoul-Oh seen in "The Lost Boy"

In the event, the detectives from both New Orleans' MCCIS unit and Dallas' homicide unit join forces to stop a secret child trafficking ring under the leadership of the mysterious and dangerous Krampus. Both squads race against time to save the children and end the ring. However, one of their plans involves seeking a young male, who has a personal stake for one detective, who holds the very key to stop Krampus for good.

Neverland (Part 1) in L&O: New Orleans

In the first part of a L&O co-series crossover, a suspicious cargo boat is seen riding from the Gulf of Mexico onto the Mississippi River. When clues reveal it is heading to New Orleans, the MCCIS is called when a old friend of Sgt. Parker--who works for the city's shipping wharfts--thought he saw a 9 year old girl walking aimlessly. Parker doesn't know and should feel Sex Crimes should handle it, but when Lieutenant Reyes who had worked for Sex Crimes is brought into this, the case soon leads them to the girl and it's discovered that she is Calleigh Price, a four-year-old girl who was abducted five years earlier from Dallas. With slow coaxing and the help of Dr. Connor, she reveals that she was abducted by the "Acolytes". Upon looking at this, they discover the Acolytes are a covert pedophile group and sex trafficking ring, thought to be responsible for the abduction and sale of children in Louisiana, Texas, Florida, and Mexico, and run by a man called "Krampus".

After looking into the disappearance of another Dallas child, 11-year-old Marc Harmon, the MCCIS discovers that Dallas Homicide detective Bianca Diaz was the junior investigator of the case and call her for help. Detectives Diaz, Mathis (Paul Telfer), and McKenzie (Erica Durance) (on loan from Forgery again) come to New Orleans again to give what help they can. Their persons of interest include shipyard manager Kaleb Galle (David Anders), who admits that several men bribed him to let several ships pass through the shipyard without going through Customs inspections, but assures them had no clue of what was in the containers or what the men were doing. He gives them descriptions and names of the men that he can remember and the men are soon caught in a raid and interrogated, which leads to the uncovering of even more pedophiles in New Orleans.

Eventually, while they are unable to locate Marc or Krampus, they are able to locate Craig Unger (Jeff Wolfe), one of Krampus's top pedophile lieutenants, and discover he is running a webcast in which he will force an 11-year-old boy and 8-year-old girl to engage in sexual relations. Luckily, with the help of MCCIS tech analyst Kent Walker, the detectives are able to trace his location, bust him, and save the children just in time.

Craig then attempts to save himself by offering everything he knows about Krampus, in exchange for a lighter sentence. The detectives decide that they'll have to talk to the DA's office and FBI about it. However, the next morning, Craig is discovered shanked in prison, and several more killings then start to occur all in New Orleans, which are discovered to be people associated with the Acolytes. The MCCIS realizes that Krampus is tying up loose ends, and the Dallas detectives, with help from the FBI, discover that Marc is alive and still in Dallas, forcing them to return home to investigate.

The Lost Boy (Part 2) in L&O: Dallas

In the conclusion of the L&O co-series crossover, leaving New Orleans, Detectives Diaz, Mathis, and McKenzie (Durance) are also joined by MCCIS Sergeants Parker (Brendan Fraser) and Queen (Isaiah Washington), and Detective Zhao (Maggie Q). They all return to Dallas trying to find new leads regarding the location of Marc Harmon and especially the apprehension of Krampus. However, their joint investigation shared by the FBI and Child Protection Agency are hindered when they learn are more children being shipped and transported on trucks. Working with the two agencies, the detectives manage to stop the trucks, and arrest and interrogate the drivers.

They reveal his hideout, and the police raid the place capturing "Krampus" who is identified as Vietnamese national Chang Seoul-Oh. Chang's men reveal that he has a large storage of American kids due to be shipped to Vietnam within four hours, and the detectives try to get him to reveal the location, but he refuses, intending to either ship them or leave them to starve to death. Upon being asked why, Chang reveals his backstory: as a child, he, his younger brother and three younger sisters were abducted by American child traffickers, and sold into sex slavery. He managed to escape, but his siblings weren't so lucky and all eventually died as a result. Filled with vengeance, Chang started his own ring to ship kidnapped American children to Vietnam as revenge. He kept his wife and own children in the dark about what he was doing and sent them away several days earlier with most of his ill-gotten fortune to start anew. The detectives then reveals that Chang's wife, Mei Yun, had returned out of worry, learned of his crimes and had just heard his tragic tale. She urges him to stop his vengeance and release the kidnapped children, urging to think of their own four and his brother and sisters and what they would want. He replies he does everyday, and it's what drives him.

After interrogating Marc for a long time, Marc relents and reveals Chang's hideout, resutling in more raids and the arrests of other key people related to Krampus' gang. However, the shipments of children are nowhere to be found, and no one is willing to talk. Later, Diaz talks with Dr. Harvey; that's when she reveals a stunning secret about her past and why she felt so emotional drawn to this case. However before Marc can testify to the Grand Jury for Gutierrez, Marc was abducted and later shot executed in a make-shift grave. The detectives pursue and arrest Marc's killers, but their case against Krampus is left severely crippled. However, the detective decides to have Krampus stand in trial in New Orleans in Federal Court, since it's stronger back there, and they can't connect Krampus to Marc's death. Zhao then gets the idea to appeal to Chang by telling him about Marc's mother, and how devestated she's been about his disappearance and now murder, and urges him to think about what his own mother must have thought when he and his siblings were taken years ago. Though Chang tries to brush it off, since he never saw his mother again after that, Zhao and Diaz convince him to imagine how she must have felt when it happened and that the mothers of all the children he's ever kidnapped and sold away have felt.

Chang continues to hold his façade, but then Diaz reveals her secret to him: she knows what it feels to have suffered some of what sex trafficking victims have suffered, and that she'd been molested and raped by her stepfather from the ages of 8 to 13, and that she was angry at her stepfather for a long time because of it, but learned to forgive him, lest he have power over her forever. She tells him, that the men who sold him and his siblings and sexually assaulted them still have power over him, and it's up to him to break that hold, save what's left of his humanity, and still be the man his siblings and children knew/know him as. Touched and feeling remorseful for the first time in a long time, Chang relents and reveals the location, allowing the detectives to rescue the captured children. However, he denies any involvment in Marc's murder, but points that Denise Pettigrew (Julie Bowen), the city controller of Dallas, was in on his scheme and had a lot of money coming in on the shipments, and could have murdered Marc to protect her investment.

The detectives then arrest Pettigrew, but are soon forced to release her after failing to find hard evidence against her. With the case in a head spin, the DA office makes a deal with the FBI and allowed them to try and other ring key members back in New Orleans, since they have a stronger case back there. The detectives feel saddened Pettigrew could get away with Marc's death, but is happy the victims are back home and where they belong.

In the end, Parker, Queen, and Zhao head back New Orleans to help the Feds. Though they don't have direct evidence to get Pettigrew for Marc's murder, they still have enough to convict the hired guns for first degree murder. Chang is also allowed to say goodbye to his wife and children before being taken into federal custody. Diaz joins Marc's mother and stay at Marc's grave.




Guest Stars

  • Mark Dacascos as Chang Seoul-Oh/Krampus
  • Daniel Sharman as Marc Harmon
  • David Anders as Kaleb Galle
  • Julie Bowen as Denise Pettigrew
  • Jeff Wolfe as Craig Unger
  • Kelly Hu as Chang Mei Yun
  • Regina King as New Orleans M.E. Niobe James
  • Jon Tenney as Dallas M.E. Dr. Augustus Simon
  • Richard Schiff as Psychologist Dr. Elliot Harvey
  • Michael Rosenbaum as MCCIS Tech Analyst Kent Walker



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  • This is the second crossover between New Orleans and Dallas.
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