Never Leaving This Village Is A 2015 Found Footage Horror Film Distributed By Greenbird Films Starring Tom Scott, Chris Massoglia, Nathan Gamble, T.J Miller, Andrew Garfield, Karen Gillan, Ellen Page, Scarlett Johanson And Emma Stone 


Nine Friends Are Intending To Get Home In Seperate Cars. They Break Down Near An Abanoned Village And Look For Help, Finding No One, They Stay There For A Few Days In Hopes Someone Will Find Them. As The Days Progess Strange Things Happen And They Start Beging Stalked By Strange Creatures. They Become More Agressive. 6 Months Later, There Footage Was Found

Never Leaving This Village Poster

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  • Tom Scott As Edward Davis - The Leader Of The Group Who Mostly Films Everything. He Comes From The United Kingdom, He Was Stalked With The Other Eight. Hoping To Find Out What The Creatures Are Wanting, He Eventully Finds Out What They Are.
  • Chris Massogila As Mark Rodgers - The Nerd Of The Group, He Likes To Think About Space And Planets, Which Makes Him More Vaunrable. Though Edward Sometimes Judges Him For Being A Nerd, He Carrys A Knife Around Him, Though He Has One Thing In Common In The Group, They All Play Roleplaying Board Games.
  • Nathan Gamble As Max Jackman- The Punk Of The Group, He Is Ambers Boyfriend, He Tries To Betray Them But Gets Killed Before He Can.
  • T.J Miller As Jason Stark - The Regular Guy Of The Group Who Is Lisas Boyfriend And Thinks The Party Was A Bad Idea, Though He Still Went With Them, He Tries To Protect And Calm Lisa As Much As He Can, Making Him The Second Most Vaunrable.
  • Andrew Garfield As Scott - The Bully Of The Group....Well....Not All The TIme, But He Kinda Is, He Is Brittish And Hates Glasses, He Is So Defensive, That The Creatures Will Probably Be More Threating.
  • Karen Gillan As Lisa Walker - Jason's Girlfirend Who Likes To Be With Her Friends Most Of The Time, Thogh She Is Defensful, She Is Sqeamish.
  • Ellen Page As Amber Reid- Amber Is Maxes Girlfriend  And Also Carrys A Knife With Her In Defense. After Max Dies She Seems Deppresesed, Eventully, Dying Herself.
  • Scarlett Johanson As Natasha Lawrence - Natasha Likes To Focus On Studying And School, However, She Went Wth Her Friends To The Party Becuase She Likes Her Friends.
  • Emma Stone As Danielle Watson - Danielle Is The Second Person To Film Everything And She Was The One Who Arranged The Party, Before The Breakdown
  • Seth Rogen As The First Threat - The First Creature To Start Stalking The Group
  • Hugh Jackman As The Second Threat- The Second Creature To Start Stalking The Group
  • Elijah Wood As The Third Threat- The Third Creature To Start Stalking The Group
  • James Franco As The Fourth Threat - The Foruth Creature To Start Stalking The Group
  • Eddie Thomson As Reaper- The Leader Of The Threats and the fifth creature to start stalking the group


  • Mark Rogers (Killed By: The Fourth Threat) - While Running Thourgh The Forrest With The Group They Encounter An Electric Fence, The Group Feel Hopless And Turn Back. When They Reach The Village They Go Back To There Houses Where A Scream Occurs. Danielle Follows Mark To The Woods Where They See The Fourth Threat. It Waves At Them Then Grabs Mark By The Kneck. The Fourth Threat Grabs The Top Of Marks Head As Danielle Backs Up Slowly. Mark Screams For Danielle To Help Him. The Fourth Threat Then Pulls Of His Head And It Topples Onto The Floor. Danielle Screams And Runs Off In Terror.
  • Max Jackman (Killed By: Edward Davis) - While In The Power Room, Edward, Max, Lisa And Danielle Are There Trying To Turn The Power On. Max Turns Around And Turns A Gun On Them. He Tells Them He'll Lock Them Down There, Live With The Others And Leave Them For Dead. Edward Tackles Him And Begins To Rapidly Punch Him. While Fighting Danielle Tries To Turn On The Power When Max Pushes Her Aside. She Grabs His Leg An Knocks Him Over. Edward Grabs Maxes Gun And Aims It At Max. Edward Shoots Max In The Leg, Danielle Turns On The Power And They Leave Him Up To The Threats. As They Leave, Screaming Is Heard.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Jason Stark (Killed By: Jason Stark) - Jason Is Running Through The Hallway Where Jason Stops And Tries To Kill Him. The Two Fight, But Jason Pushes Edward Off And Jumps Out The Window. All Edward Can Do Is Watch As Jason Falls.
  • Lisa Walker (Killed By: Unseen Force) - Lisa And The Rest Of The Group Are Trapped In A Mansion They Found In The Woods. Lisa Takes Danielle's Camera And Walks Around The Mansion. She Is Contiously Chased By The Threats. When She Reaches A Door, She Is Thrown Onto The Floor And Dragged Away While Screaming.
  • Scott (Killed By: Unknown) - Scott Runs Away While Being Chased By The Fourth Threat With A Camera. The Fourth Threat Reaches Out To Scott With His Knife Before The Camera Turns Off. It Is Unknown If The Fourth Threat Killed Him, But It Is More Likely.
  • Amber Reid - (Killed By: The Threats) - Amber Is Kidnapped By The ThreatS And Executed
  • Natasha Does Not Die, But Only Goes Missing.
  • Danielle Watson (Killed By The Second Threat) - Her Head Is Slammed Off The Wall Before She Dies
  • Edward Davis (Killed By: The Threats) - Edward Realises What The Threats Are And Tries To Escape. After Failing, He Hides Under A Table Before Being Dragged Out. The Third Threat Stands Over Them While The Others Surround Him. Blood Hits The Camera And It Flips Onto It's Side Before The Place Explodes, Killing Everyone Inside It.



  • Edward: We Just Got Back From A Party, Now We're Going Home.
  • (Logos Appear) 
  • (Scenes Of The Group In The Village)
  • Max: What The Fuck Jason! How The Hell Will We Get Home Now?
  • Jason: It's Not My Fault That The Car FUCKING Broke Down!
  • Text: From Director George Romero
  • Edward: (Staring At Something)......Run.
  • Text: Comes An Entirley New Horror Film.
  • (Natasha Screams)
  • Danielle: We Have. To Go
  • Amber: Go! Go!
  • (Fourth Threat Appears)
  • (Scott Running)
  • Mark: You're All Fucked.
  • (Max Pointing Gun At Edward)
  • Edward: Goodbye.
  • (The Fourth Threat Slamming Danielle)
  • Edward: No!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!
  • (Never Leaving This Village Appears)
  • (Lisa Slowly Opens Door)
  • Lisa: Hello?
  • (Fourth Threat Appears)
  • (Lisa Screaming As She Is Dragged Away, While Camera Malfunctions)


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