Never Dream of Dying is a British spy film based on the 2001 James Bond novel by Raymond Benson and is a sequel to Zero Minus Ten, The Facts of Death, High Time to Kill and DoubleShot.


At the beginning of the film, it is revealed that since it's attempt at a revolution in Gibraltar, the Quantum organization has come to international attention and the western world has declared war on the organization. Part of this operation involves many police raid, but one day one goes horribly awry leaving many innocent men, women and children dead. Bond resolves to shut Quantum down for good.

Bond first learns of the true identity of the leader, the elusive Le Gerant, to be one Olivier Cesari, a blind man with extrasensory perception. Bond then teams up with some old friends; Rene Mathis and Marc Ange Draco, and they set out to track down Cesari and kill him. 

Their hunt takes them to Paris, where Bond is introduced to the seductive film star Tylyn Migonne, who turns out to have ties to Quantum's next attack. Her husband Leon Essinger's latest movie, Pirate Island, is appearing at the Cannes Film Festival. It soon becomes clear that Quantum is going to blow the festival sky high.

As they prepare to stop the attack, Bond uncovers some shocking information; Draco's brother was in fact Cesari's father, making the villain his nephew. He also deduces that Draco is in fact in league with Quantum. During the festival, Bond locates the bomb and disarms it, saving everyone.

Secretly manipulating Draco, Bond manages to get him to lead him straight to the Quantum's French headquarters. He has Mathis get in contact with another old friend, Felix Leiter, and they assmble a small army, which they lead in a direct assault on the enemy base.

During the raid, Bond confronts Draco and a brutal fight ensues, during which Draco is fatally wounded. He and Bond exchange some final wounds before Bond rushes to stop Cesari's escape in a helicopter. Bond finally manages to avenge the numerous people who have perished at Quantum's hands by launching a fireball into the helicopter, sending the burning wreck crashing into the ground.


Michael Fassbender - James Bond 007

Helen Mirren - Barabra Mawdsley (M)

Kelly Reilly - Miss Moneypenny

Neil Patrick Harris - Felix Leiter

Jennifer Lawrence - Tylyn Migonne

Julian McMahon - Leo Essinger

Gene Hackman - Marc Ange Draco

Ben Kingsley - Olivier Cesari/Le Gerant

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