The Neutron Star-class bulk cruiser was a class of capital ship used by the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance, manufactured by Rendili StarDrive. They were designed during the Clone Wars to serve as second-line ships. After they Clone Wars most were sold to local defense forces or private interests, and several were eventually modified to serve as carriers[


The Neutron Star-class was 600 meters long. By the Galactic Civil War, the design had become outdated and easily challenged and outgunned by most up-to-date capital ships. It was slow in comparison with many of its counterparts, as well as prone to frequent damage. It required a crew of 2,050 and could carry up to 200 troops.[1]

Despite their slow speed, their engines consumed high amounts of fuel, which somewhat limited the range of these vessels. The Neutron Star also required frequent and expensive maintenance to operate, making it quickly replaced by most organizations that could afford it. However, the Alliance Fleet, in desperate need of more capital ships, chose to convert a number of them into starfighter carriers.

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