Neutron is an American Action Sci-Fi Television Series, based off of Nickelodeon's hit TV Show, Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, premiering on the CW Television Network, in 2017. The series stars Uriah Shelton as Jimmy Neutron, a teenage boy with supernatural intelligence, that he uses to invent incredible machines, and to save his town from threats, usually caused by the malfunctions in his inventions.

The series looks at a realistic and live-action take of popular Nicktoon character, Jimmy Neutron, and focuses on Jimmy's inventions, and the truth behind his unnatural intelligence. At the beginning of each episode, Jimmy is heard doing a voice over introduction of the hardships he's faced and the challenges to come.

Production for a live-action series focusing on Jimmy Neutron began preparation after the success of the first two seasons of The Phantom, a live-action series focusing on Danny Fenton, aka The Phantom. When the two shows crossed-over, the shows were referred to as the CW Nickverse. Shortly after the success of the first half of Season 1, production for a live-action El-Tigre series began, and is set to air in 2018, and also had a cross-over with both The Phantom and Neutron. After two backdoor pilots aired in Season 5 of the Phantom, The Fairy GodParents premiered in 2020, featuring a cross-over episode with Neutron, which was the highest rated episode of Neutron.


As a child, James "Jimmy" Neutron was caught in a flash of light in one of his grandfathers experiments, killing his grandfather, and effected Jimmy's brain, giving him supernatural intelligence, equal to or greater than that of the most brilliant minds on Earth. Years later, a teenage Jimmy Neutron has created many inventions and is recruited by A.T.O.M. Labs to help build world changing inventions, and with the help of his friends, Carl and Sheen, and his friends at A.T.O.M. Labs, Jimmy must use his intelligence to save his city from danger, usually caused by malfunction in his experiments, as he explores the truth behind the secrets his grandfather left behind, and the cause of his intelligence, while striving to himself the greatest scientist the world has ever or will ever see.


Main Cast

  • Uriah Shelton as James Isaac "Jimmy" Neutron, a teenage boy, that as a child, was exposed by a bright flash of light caused by his Uncle Newton's experiment experiment, killing his uncle and putting him in the hospital. Upon waking up, Jimmy recieved supernatural intelligence, equal to or greater than the smartest scientists on Earth, in which he was recruited by A.T.O.M. Labs to help them invent world changing inventions, and with the help of his friends, Sheen and Carl, and his robotic dog, Godard, he must use his brain to save his town from danger, usually created by malfunction in his inventions.
  • Kevin Hernandez as Sheen Estevez, one of Jimmy's best friends. Sheen is not very bright and has an odd obsessions with his favorite comic book superhero, UltraLord.
  • Tucker Albrizzi as Carl Wheezer, Jimmy's other best friend, who is a bit overweight and wears glasses, as well as has a passion for llamas, but he is also awkward, shy, and cowardly.
  • Emilia McCarthy as Cindy Vortex,a wealthy, blonde-haired girl and Jimmy's main rival in school, but also his main love interest in the series. She is skilled in tai-chi and is very intelligent in normal standards.
  • China Anne McClain as Libby Falfax, Cindy's sassy and also wealthy best friend, who dreams of being a hip-hop artist. She has an initital dislike of Jimmy and his friends, but becomes closer to them as Cindy does.
  • Brec Bassinger as Betty Quinlinn, Jimmy's first love-interest, and the most popular girl in school.
  • Professor Finbarr Calamitous, a scientist and Jimmy's grandfather's former partner. Throughout season one, he pretended to be Jimmy's mentor, helping him to uncover the truth behind his grandfather's work, but was using him to recreate the experiment that happened to Jimmy, in order to restore his damaged mind after being caught in a lab explosion caused by Jimmy's grandfather.
  • John Ducey as Hugh Neutron
  • Susan Walters as Judy Neutron
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