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Ness is a playable character in the fighting video game, M.U.G.E.N Trilogy. He was confirmed along with the other characters from the original Super Smash Bros. game on January 24, 2015. Voice actress Makiko Ōmoto (who also provided the role for Kirby, Lyn and Viridi) provides the role for Ness in this video game, using recycled voice clips from Super Smash Bros. 4.


In EarthBound, Ness is a courageous, kind, and helpful boy from the fictional town of Onett located in north-western Eagleland. His favorite food is steak and his signature PSI move, named for his favorite thing is PSI Rockin. He possesses strong psychic powers, and in the year 199X, utilizes his abilities to defeat an alien invasion by the forces of Giygas, the villain of the original Mother. Ness is the successor to Ninten, the hero of Mother, sharing a very similar design and some abilities; however, the two are distinct characters.

On a dark night in the year 199X, Ness gets woken up by a meteorite crash. He investigates the crash site, where he meets his neighbor Pokey Minch and an alien named Buzz Buzz. Buzz Buzz tells him that he is the boy who will save the world, and sends him on a mission to collect the Eight Melodies that tie together the Earth's power. He is joined in this quest by Paula, Jeff, and Poo. By recording and collecting the Eight Melodies using his Sound Stone, Ness gains access to the realm of Magicant within his mind and unlocks the power necessary to defeat Giygas. Five years after the release of EarthBound, Ness would make a surprise appearance in Super Smash Bros. and continue to be playable in the series, carrying his legacy.

How to Unlock

Use Ness' Super Smash Bros. amiibo or scan Ness' AR Icon from the M.U.G.E.N Trilogy website.

Assist Attacks

Set Name Cross-Over
α PK Flash Hyper PK Flash
β PK Fire PK Flame
γ PK Thunder PK Starstorm